2017 IDP Strategy Guide

I enjoy all of this fantasy-analysis stuff, but the defensive guys hold a special place in my heart and my spreadsheets.

Even with all the saturation in fantasy football at this point, IDPs mark the one (final?) area where you can still outwork the rest of your league and really make them look silly. Fantasy players who have played with IDPs for years can still underrate their importance and overlook the planning stage. There are even analysts who still don't really get it.

That’s why we started delivering this annual guide. We want you to be the one to make your league mates look silly when it comes to selecting defenders. So let’s take a walk through multiple formats and every position group and dig into how you can exploit the defensive side of the fantasy ball come draft day.

1, 2 or 3 IDP Slots

This is IDP with training wheels; bowling with bumpers. Adding 1-3 defensive-player slots to your fantasy league’s lineups at least gets you and your competitors familiar with the guys that you’ll ideally be investing further in over the coming seasons.

For now, think of it like you’re choosing 1-3 offensive starters from a pool that includes all RBs, WRs and TEs. Seems pretty easy for everyone in your league to find quality from such a group, right?

Whether you snag a top-of-the-board option or wait and collect value here depends totally on when your league starts taking IDPs. Luke Kuechly is a potential beast in any format. Your MVP Board will help you figure out just when he makes sense in your league. And there’s nothing wrong, in general, with being the Kuechly drafter or the owner who waits another 6 rounds to start selecting LBs. Either approach can work.

The only way you can go wrong here is by jumping into a position run that someone else starts, worrying that your options might dry up if you wait. They won’t.