2022 Early-Round Bust

This year’s bust pick will not be comfy to read, because he posted big numbers last year.

He’s the kind of player that made you feel like an idiot for not drafting him a year ago. But that just might be part of the deal this time around.

Over-drafting that player in 2022 will not make up for missing out on him in 2021. It’ll just make you a double-loser on him.

We don’t dislike him as a player. In fact, he’s someone Jared especially has liked since he entered the league as a prospect. And this player’s team certainly believes in him.

But that doesn’t change the fact that he played above his means in 2021.

He’s due for regression this time around. And there are some other challenges to deal with as well.

That’s why you shouldn’t be drafting …