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Auction Draft Recap

By Matt Schauf 9:08am EDT 8/25/16

I wrote the Auction Strategy Guide that we posted earlier this week. So although I ran all the parts by my colleagues before publishing the article, you can assume that stands as my particular approach to auction drafting.

How closely do I stick to my own guidelines in practice? Let’s see.

I’ve competed in this industry auction draft -- which we play out through the season -- for the past 3 years. No 2 auction leagues are identical, so there will be spending practices here that might prove way off from what your league does. And the longer you’re in a particular league (with the same guys), the more you’ll know their tendencies.

Use that to your advantage.

In this case, I know that this group overpays for QBs in general. I also know that there are usually several owners who go hard early and deplete their banks. So patience is good.

But I’ll certainly still grab a value if it comes my way early in the draft.

The other big difference here is that we do a slow auction. There are 24 nominated players on the board through most of the drafting period, with each team nominating 2. Every fresh high bid on a player resets his auction clock to 24 hours. That doesn’t necessarily change the way you should approach the draft, however, or the manner in which you navigate it.

The scoring settings are common. Lineup: QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, TE, Flex, K, D/ST, plus 10 bench spots. (So we’re talking 20-man roster with a $200 bank.) Full PPR for all players, with the yardage scoring you’d expect.

Here’s a link to all the rosters. Now for my team.


Philip Rivers $10
Colin Kaepernick $1

I go in hoping to spend no more than $15 at QB, which -- at 7.5% -- is even a little less than we recommended in the auction guide. I was pleasantly surprised to get Rivers for just $10. I would like to have a stronger QB2, but the timing and pricing just didn’t fit. I also believe Rivers sits in the range where you don’t necessarily need a #2 QB to start the season, so I decided to just throw a dollar at an upside option rather than chase a backup.

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