DFS Podcast: Week 15 DraftKings 12-18-20

The Chiefs-Saints matchup looks like the centerpiece of this slate, but Michael Thomas' ankle injury complicates things a bit. We're still playing plenty of guys from that game ... but there's at least 1 player we don't agree on anymore. Colts-Texans presents options as well. And we're looking for savings to fit multiple expensive RBs.

Here's the rundown:

QB ... 3:18

RB ... 8:05

WR ... 14:58

TE ... 22:35

Flex ... 27:27

Defense ... 29:09

And here's who we're playing against each other in Round 15 of the Crown His Ass Challenge ...

Jared (4 wins)

Tyler (5 wins)

Matt (5 wins)

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