DFS Showdown Tips: Patriots-Bills

What’s the story going to be for tonight’s Bills-Patriots game? Well, it just might be the weather.

Monday is starting out on the warm side for December in western New York but rainy. The temp is heading into the 30s through the afternoon and evening, though, with the rain expected to shift to snow. And by 8 p.m., we have high winds as the primary weather pattern for Orchard Park.

The good news: The “high-wind warning” from the National Weather Service is only in effect until 7 p.m. ET, as of this writing. So at least the “damaging” winds are expected to finish before they’re damaging Josh Allen passes and Nick Folk kicks. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the wind won’t be a factor come game time. It’s still expected to be blowing in the range of 20-25 mph.

What’s that mean? We should probably temper expectations for the passing and kicking games on Monday Night Football. What else should we expect? Let’s check the charts …