Fantasy Football Matchups That Matter - Week 3

Welcome to Week 3’s Matchups That Matter.

The goal of this article is to give you a look into the process that fuels our weekly projections and rankings.

The information below is all stuff that we use when formulating those rankings. Hopefully taking a look through it helps you make better lineup decisions each week.

We have two week’s worth of 2023 data at this point, which is good but still not great.

We’re just starting to get a good idea of what all these offenses and defenses will look like this season. But a lot of the data can still be misleading.

So be careful not to weigh matchups too heavily. And, of course, check the Week 3 Rankings and the start/sit advice on your Team Intel page.

Good luck in Week 3!

Highest Game Totals

1. Chargers at Vikings (54.0)

2. Broncos at Dolphins (48.5)

3. Bears at Chiefs (47.5)

4. Falcons at Lions (46.5)

5. Eagles at Buccaneers (46.0)

6. Colts at Ravens (45.5)