Fantasy Football Podcast: NFL Draft 1st Round 4-29-16


We're in the midst of the NFL Draft which has already delivered smoke screens (literally), bare midriffs, surprising slides and QBs to their expected spots.

We tracked all the action over on the Shark Bites page as well as our 2nd annual live blog, and now it's time for the podcast treatment.

Jared Goff and Carson Wentz led the proceedings, as expected. So does either land in a good fantasy situation? Does either slip behind Paxton Lynch now that the former Memphis QB has joined the Broncos?

Of course, the biggest fantasy happening of Thursday night had to be Ezekiel Elliott rushing to Dallas. That's obviously about as good a landing spot as he could have hoped for, but just how high should you -- and will you need to -- look at him in 2016 fantasy football drafts?

And we watched 4 WRs go in the middle-to-late portion of Round 1. Smola's opinion of Corey Coleman's destination has already changed. The landing spots for Josh Doctson and Laquon Treadwell have us re-evaluating their positions in our rookie rankings. What does Houston do for Will Fuller?

Listen in as we await the rest of the potential fantasy factors yet to be drafted ...