FFPC Main Event Strategy Guide: Building a Championship-Winning Core

In Part 1 of the series, I talked about the rules of the FFPC Main Event and how important it is to adjust to the unique scoring system (1.5 ppr for TE) and flexible roster construction (2 flex spots).

In Part 2, we’ll discuss how to build a championship-winning foundation in the early part of the draft -- rounds 1 through 7.

Maximizing the most points you get from those 2 flex spots is the path to those smash weeks that help you win your league and push for that $500,000 prize.

Roster construction plays a huge part in attacking the flex positions. It’s almost as important as who you draft ...almost. You still need to draft the right players -- the MVP Board can help with that -- but targeting the correct positions and knowing ADP is the key to making sure you maximize those 2 flex spots.

Below is a chart assembled by Jared Smola here at Draft Sharks. It shows projected 2020 PPR points for the top 25 QBs, 50 RBs, 70 WRs and 25 TEs.

As you can see, RBs are the highest scoring players near the top of the rankings. 15 of the top 24 projected scoring players are RBs, 7 are WRs and 2 are TEs.

Now, the chart does not account for premium TE scoring -- but you get the point. Even if you want to add your TE3 and TE4 to the mix, RBs are still king in the first 2 rounds. As soon as you leave the 2nd round, though, the projected fantasy points trend in favor of WRs. Of the next 60 players, 30 of them are WRs and only 20 are RBs. Sprinkle in a few TEs and QBs and that rounds out the first 7 rounds.

How does this help you in your FFPC Main Event draft? I’m almost there...

Draft Sharks now has ADP data from FFPC Main Event drafts. This will help us get a handle on who the competition is drafting and where.

Now that we have the Main Event ADP, we can apply the projected fantasy points chart and start to strategize on team building. There are plenty of different strategies that have been used with success in the Main Event. Value Based Drafting (VBD) or Best Player Available (BPA), Robust RB and Zero RB, are just a few of the common strategies used to build teams across all formats.

Personally, my draft spot usually determines how I want to start my team and build my roster. Overall in 2020 drafts, I am going to start RB heavy and then pound WR after that so I can fill my flex spots with the highest scoring players that I can. Main Event ADP and projected fantasy points steer us in a RB heavy start followed by WRs and TEs to fill out our first 7 rounds. Let's start team building.

Draft Positions 1-3

These are easy picks. Pick your favorite between Christian McCaffery, Saquon Barkley and Ezekiel Elliot. The argument against McCaffery is that no RB has repeated as the #1 fantasy scorer since Priest Holmes almost 2 decades ago. Also, CMC has that pesky Week 13 bye, which knocks him out of your league championship game in the FFPC. Zeke is 3rd in ADP among these 3, but you could argue that he could be #1 due to already having the Coronavirus and not having to miss time during the season for that.

Coming back back in the 2nd round, I would grab another RB. I like Aaron Jones, James Conner or Todd Gurley if you need to go RB. Austin Ekeler or Nick Chubb could fall into this area of the draft, as well. If the RB value isn’t there, then WRs Chris Godwin or DeAndre Hopkins are fine choices.

Draft Positions 4-9

At 4th or 5th spot, I would take Alvin Kamara or Dalvin Cook. Both are rock solid RB picks that could certainly finish as 2020’s #1 overall RB. Michael Thomas, Travis Kelce, Kenyan Drake and Davante Adams round out the next group of players I would choose from. It all comes down to roster construction and how you want to build your team. I lean RB in Round 1 this year because I wanna load up on those WRs in Rounds 3-7. I do not blame anyone, though, if they want to take Adams or Kelce. Adams could certainly push for the overall WR1 this year and, barring injury, Kelce should be a lock for a top 2 TE finish. You would probably be forced to go Zero RB or modified Zero RB if you took Kelce or Adams here. The value just isn't there in rounds 3-7 at RB and the bust rates are much higher at RB during those rounds than they are at any other position.

In the 2nd round, I’m generally looking to grab another RB. But if TE George Kittle or WR Tyreek Hill fall to me, I would seriously consider them. RBs I like here are Josh Jacobs and Austin Ekeler. Ekeler has a high upside in the passing game and if Jacobs can get more involved in the passing game he is a steal in round 2. Pairing Ekeler or Jacobs with Kamara or Dalvin Cook is an ideal start.

Draft Positions 10-12

These are fun spots because you can snatch up any value that falls. And if you’re locked into going Zero RB, this is the spot to do it. Davante Adams or Tyreek Hill would be the picks here if you wanted to start Zero RB. Hill usually falls into the 2nd, so you can wait on him. If you need that elite TE, this would be the time for George Kittle. My favorite picks here are Drake or RB Miles Sanders. Sanders has a high ceiling if the Eagles commit to him -- and some very successful high stakes players have taken him as high as 4th overall. After Chiefs RB Damien Williams decided to opt out of the 2020 season, I would be comfortable taking RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire after pick 9. Now, if the Chiefs sign a veteran like Devonta Freeman or trade for an established veteran like Royce Freeman or Marlon Mack, then I would move CEH back down to the late 2nd round.

If you wanted to round out your Zero RB start, you could add Hill or Kittle if they fall or even WR Julio Jones. Julio will be in shootouts all year in the NFC South and his schedule for weeks 14-16 is the Chargers, Bucs and Chiefs. Expect the Bucs and Chiefs games to be very high scoring. If RB Joe Mixon falls into this area I like to take him or Kittle to round out my top 2 picks.

Now that we’ve worked through the first few picks of the draft, I’m gonna list the players I am targeting in Rounds 4-7, taking into account that I wanna load those flex positions with the highest scoring non QBs that I can.

Round 3 targets

In the 3rd round I would start pounding WR or TE as the value falls. Some of my favorites here are Allen Robinson, Mike Evans and D.J. Moore. Draft Sharks’ own Matt Schauf wrote this article on 2020 WR Strength of Schedule where he highlights the Bears and Panthers as teams to target pass catchers on. TE Zach Ertz is my TE3, and I would not hesitate to take him if you passed on Kelce and Kittle. If you are looking for a RB in Round 3, James Conner or Todd Gurley are the only ones I feel comfortable taking over the above players mentioned. They’re both workhorse backs and should be a low-end RB1s if they stay healthy.

Round 4 targets

The 4th round is loaded with great receivers with upside. Rams WR Robert Woods is my first choice as he sits 7th in Draft Sharks’ PPR rankings. He’s going as WR15 in the main event -- massive value! WRs Calvin Ridley, A.J. Brown and Adam Thielen round out my 4th round WR targets.These 4th round receivers are hard to pass up, especially when I start RB-RB. I don't see much value at TE or RB in the 4th round unless you see the upside in Colts RB Jonathan Taylor or Raiders TE Darren Waller. I am a big JT fan and he could be a RB1 if things go right for him. TE Darren Waller has a 4th round ADP, but I’m fading him at that price with Jason Witten in town.

Round 5 targets

If Woods or WR Terry Mclaurin fall into the 5th round, snatch ‘em up without hesitation. WRs D.J. Chark, Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalf are all great picks as well if you’re looking to maximize your flex positions with high-scoring players. Again, I don't recommend any of the RBs in Round 5, but TE Tyler Higbee is a guy that I have been targeting a lot. A late 5th ADP as the TE7 is pricey, but If you believe in his 2nd half breakout in 2019 then you see his top 3 upside. The Rams will be using 12 personnel much more in 2020, so Higbee should never leave the field.

Round 6 targets

The 6th round is full of players I like at all positions. If you have 3 WRs at this point in the draft, it would be ok to take a shot on RB Raheem Mostert or RB Devin Singletary. I hated Singletary and Mostert earlier this offseason at their 4th-5th round ADPs, but in the mid to late 6th they are values. If you need your TE or just want another one and Higbee falls you can grab him. Or you can slightly reach for another one of my favorites in TE Hayden Hurst. 2019 Falcons TE Austin Hooper was a top 3 TE before getting hurt and missing 3 games late in the season. Hurst gets that same opportunity after the Falcons traded for him. I would argue that Hurst is a more talented TE than Hooper and could outproduce 2019 Hooper. If you want to keep smashing WRs, then take Will Fuller or Marquise Brown. If you are following the strategy guide, they are probably your 3rd or 4th WRs and that is perfect for these low floor/high ceiling players. Fuller and Brown have week-winning upside -- exactly what you need at the flex positions if you want to win $500K.

Round 7 targets

If Fuller or Hurst fall to the 7th, say thank you and move on. You may have 4 WRs by now and need another RB. Ronald Jones is a nice value at this point -- although his ADP is on the rise. WRs Michael Gallup, Tyler Boyd and Jarvis Landry are all strong picks here. They all have target competition with their respective teams but can pop from week to week. Now, I am a wait on QB guy, but if QB Dak Prescott falls to Round 7 he would be a nice pick. I have him as my QB3 with monster week to week upside. He may have the best supporting cast in the NFL after adding CeeDee Lamb in the 1st round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

That closes out the first 7 rounds of our FFPC Main Event strategy. Hopefully this helps you draft a solid core and dominate the flex positions. In the next article of this series, we’ll discuss how to attack the TE position in this TE-premium format.

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