How to Attack the $550,000 FFPC Best-Ball Tournament

The first ever FFPC Best Ball Tournament kicked off last month. In case that’s news to you, here’s a rundown on the details:

Here’s your objective:

So daydream for a moment. Then continue on to read more of what you need to know.

Evaluating Schedules

Colleague Matt Schauf put in the legwork to evaluate 2021 strength of schedule. You can check out the QB, RB, and WR versions now, with the TEs coming next week.

Using Matt’s article as a guide, here are some of the most and least favorable schedules come FFPC Best-Ball Tournament playoff time...


(Each mention below contains at least three positive playoff matchups or two positives with two neutrals.)

49ers QBs: at Bengals, vs. Falcons, at Titans, vs. Texans

Broncos QBs: vs. Lions, vs. Bengals, at Vegas, at Chargers

If you’re grabbing Trey Lance expecting him to sit early on, it’s comforting to see an ideal schedule down the stretch.

Aaron Rodgers to Denver is probably still a pipe dream. But if he some how makes it out west … look out.