Julio Jones - The player most likely to get injured in 2014

Want one name to shy away from this fantasy draft season?

According to the Sports Injury Predictor algorithm – Julio Jones is the most likely player to get injured in 2014.

We know this isn’t what you’ll be hearing from other sites. Other fantasy experts are telling you that Julio Jones is going to be fine this year – and that there’s nothing to worry about. Our view is that he’s going to be drafted too high for the risk he presents. Hopefully, like us, you won’t buy into the hoop-la surrounding his recovery, and you’ll avoid him at his current ADP in the late 1st round.

In fantasy football, we get attached to players. We get excited and upbeat about players who have the potential to set the league on fire, while overlooking the obvious risk. We get blinded by moments of brilliance that cloud our thinking. Anyone who drafted Darren McFadden in the 1st round after he tore it up in 2010 for 1,600+ all-purpose yards and 10 TDs over 13 games can attest to that.

It takes no stretch of the imagination to picture Julio Jones as a dominant force in the NFL for years to come. No one denies the potential upside on display every time he takes the field. Before he re-fractured his foot in Week 5 of 2013, health issues had never seemed a serious issue for Jones.

His first year in the NFL, he missed a few games with some hamstring injuries. And in his second year, while he was able to play every game, he left two of them (Week 11 and 12) with a right ankle issue (same side as foot). Not to mention that when he did fracture his foot the first time at the NFL Combine he was able to clock a 4.4 forty after he fractured his foot.

So why then do we have him at such a high probability of getting injured in 2014?