Podcast: Best-ball ADP Check 2-19-20

It might technically be the "offseason," but the downtime for fantasy football drafts these days is shorter than The Irishman. Best-ball drafts are running on and elsewhere and have been for a while ... long enough for us to start gauging some ADP figures. We're a bit surprised at how early Melvin Gordon and Kyler Murray are going. We're pleased with the late value available at TE. And there are a few players at each position that Jared and Matt can't quite agree on. Whether you're ready to jump into drafts or just curious for a 2020 preview, the early trends are worth monitoring.

Here's the rundown:

QB ... 1:34

RB ... 10:52

WR ... 28:09

TE ... 40:24

Kicker and defense ... 43:32

Check out Jared's early best-ball rankings, along with the rest of our offseason content on