Podcast: Draft Weekend Prep 9-4-20

How does the Alvin Kamara news affect your Round 1 decisions? Where should you target Tampa Bay or Jacksonville RBs after the Leonard Fournette move? And what's the plan at each position? We're addressing each of those areas and much more to get you ready for a big draft weekend.

Here's the rundown:

Alvin Kamara and the middle of Round 1 ... 2:04

Buccaneers RBs ... 6:24

Jaguars RBs ... 12:04

Washington RBs ... 14:39

Patriots RBs ... 21:15

QB plan ... 25:03

RB plan ... 32:37

WR plan ... 39:46

TE plan ... 43:57

Viewer questions ... 56:51

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