Podcast: Dynasty Tips with Ryan McDowell 3-16-21

If you follow Ryan McDowell on Twitter, then you know there might not be anyone keeping closer track of rookie-draft values and player dynasty trends in general. So Matt invited him onto the pod for a temperature check on this year's incoming class of prospects. We also talked about dynasty mistakes, what dynasty owners might do better than NFL decision makers, why Tim Couch still hurts and more.

Here's the rundown:

Rookie and startup mock draft trends ... 2:00

Rise of superflex and the rookie QBs ... 7:56

Ranking Kyle Pitts and the rest of the class ... 12:01

What dynasty players do better than the NFL ... 20:41

Drafting mistakes ... 21:56

Sleepers ... 24:21

Non-rookies to buy or sell ... 26:46

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