Podcast: Rating Rookies with Rich Hribar 4-22-21

If you follow Rich Hribar on Twitter -- or anywhere else -- then you know he goes deep with statistical analysis. We brought him onto the podcast to dig into this year's incoming rookie class, with the NFL Draft just a week away. What stats can signal future production? What types of players should you look for at each position? And what the heck should we do with DeVonta Smith? We'll get to all that and more ...

Here's the rundown:

Rich's prospect process ... 2:13

What matters at QB ... 5:08

Favorites among 2021 rookies ... 11:13

The case against Zach Wilson? ... 14:09

What signals RB production? ... 18:26

The case for Trey Sermon ... 24:29

What matters for judging WRs ... 31:22

Who stands out beyond the top WRs? ... 34:09

What to do with DeVonta Smith ... 37:56

WRs to be wary of ... 44:02

Do TEs matter? ... 47:41

Kyle Pitts ... 48:54

TE production signals ... 51:16

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