Post-Draft Dynasty Rookie Rankings

Rookie drafts are as wide open this year as they’ve ever been. Look around at different rankings and you’ll see very little consensus outside of the top 2.

And it makes sense. It’s a weaker rookie class to begin with. And the NFL Draft just muddied the waters, with many guys landing in tough spots, getting picked later than expected, or both.

What does that mean for you? First, you should be looking to trade down to acquire more picks — either for this year or, ideally, for what looks like a loaded 2020 rookie draft. If you’re unable to move down, don’t be afraid to ignore ADP and go get your guy. The makeup of this class means that guy you expect to drop into the mid-2nd might fly off the board in the middle of the 1st.

Here are our post-draft top 60 rookies for half-PPR dynasty leagues (analysis on all of these guys coming Tuesday). Below that you’ll find the QB, RB, WR and TE rankings.