Take This Guy With Your Last Pick

We all spend a ton of time thinking about who we're gonna pick 1st in our fantasy football drafts. But who are you taking last?

Probably a kicker, in most cases. And we're certainly on board with that.

But there will be times when it makes sense to grab your kicker a round earlier -- especially if you'll pick near the end of that final frame -- before the position gets totally picked over.

One reason it's OK to do so, is because there will always be deep sleeper types available at the end of your draft -- guys who might be an injury away from any fantasy relevance but who could break out if given the chance.

These 6 players are staying on the board late into the average fantasy draft, often even making it out of draft day unselected. Each can be a solid stash at the end of your bench, though, in case opportunity suddenly arises.

Benny Cunningham, RB, Rams

Will Tre Mason threaten Zac Stacy's role? That was the question all offseason. But the rookie's coming along slowly and doesn't seem like he'll be ready for significant duty anytime soon. Cunningham, meanwhile, has quietly emerged as a backfield weapon in St. Louis.

He got the surprise start in the Rams' 3rd preseason game, ahead of Stacy. HC Jeff Fisher explained it away with: "We just gave [Cunningham] a chance to run behind the first offensive line. We know what Zac can do." But Stacy still entered the game after Cunningham. We've seen teams sit their lead backs at various points during the preseason -- sometimes for all of it -- to avoid injury. But how often do you see the coaches switch the order of their top 2 backs just for the heck of it?

At the least, this move seemed to suggest that Rams coaches envision a growing role for Cunningham. And why wouldn't they? Through the 1st 3 exhibitions, he doubled Stacy's rushing total over a matching 15 carries. Cunningham has averaged 5.3 yards per rush to Stacy's 2.6. And that follows a debut season in which Cunningham sported a 5.6-yard rushing average.

This guy is making coaches put him on the field. And a Stacy injury could turn Cunningham into a feature back.