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Want to win $32 K playing fantasy football? This guy did!

By Kevin English 7:46am EST 2/13/14

Roughly 1,200 teams competed for a $250,000 first place prize in the 2013 FFPC Main Event.

Some high stakes veterans chased the massive payout by purchasing several teams.  But Kevin Greuloch – a Draft Sharks member and FFPC newbie – bought just 1 team (valued at $1,675).  Drafting online in early September, Kevin not only won his 12-team league, but he also finished 2nd in the overall contest

In total, he netted a cool $32,325.

We caught up with the St. Louis, MO native to learn more about his impressive season.  First, though, let’s look at the FFPC rules and Kevin’s final roster.

Scoring:  4 points per passing TD.  6 points per rushing and receiving TDs.  1.5 PPR for TEs, and 1 PPR for RBs/WRs.

Lineup Requirements: 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 2 FLEX, 1 Kicker, 1 Defense


Colin Kaepernick

LeSean McCoy

DeMarco Murray

Brandon Marshall

Jordy Nelson

DeSean Jackson

Pierre Garcon

Delanie Walker

Dan Bailey

Arizona Cardinals

Jay Cutler

Russell Wilson

EJ Manuel

Mike Tolbert

Bobby Rainey

Knile Davis

Garrett Graham

Rob Housler

Shaun Suisham

New York Giants

Draft Sharks: What tools/resources did you use during the draft?

Kevin Greuloch: To get to the final spreadsheet I start in about June by reading all the usual magazines.  Old fashioned, but I like them for tradition's sake.  I then start an initial spreadsheet that eventually becomes my final 'cheat sheet' for each position.  I take into account many different web sites, my old favorites being Rotoviz and FFToday.  They tend to think out of the box and look at things fairly mathematically.  But the last couple of years I added Draft Sharks because I realized that they are one of the few sites who deviate significantly from the status quo of projections.  I couldn't figure out why at first, and assumed Draft Sharks is either mildly genius, really crazy and risky, or both.  Turns out the editors who compile the rankings/projections are simply confident of their analyses – and they should be.  Most fantasy players tune out after the season ends, but I tend to look back at my various sources' success rates and Draft Sharks measures up amazingly well.  To be honest, it has basically risen to the top of my list for tough decisions as the site feels more like getting a consult from experts and it has yet to fail me.

DS: What draft pick did you have? Was it desirable at the time?

KG: I was the 4th spot.  I was very happy to draw that as I simply wanted the highest spot possible.  (My long time home league is an auction format and I strongly prefer that – the serpentine is relatively unfair to those who draw the last third of the order, in my opinion.  You're always playing catch-up no matter how you look at it.)

DS: Talk about your draft strategy.  Did it change mid-draft?

KG: This was my first year in the FFPC and I spent just as much time analyzing the setup as I did on individual player analysis.  Usually my draft strategy would be to come out of round ‘x’ with a certain number of position players (2 RB's and 1 WR after Round 3 this year, for example).  But the 1.5 PPR for TEs and the lack of depth at that position made me pencil in some alternative options.  I was planning on grabbing Jimmy Graham in the 2nd round or Rob Gronkowski in the 3rd if they were still available.   When neither of those players was there, I went with my WR-heavy concept due to the PPR status of the league and the dual-flex oddity.  I absolutely wanted WRs or TEs in my flex, not RBs.

DS: How did you assess your team post-draft?  Were you confident that it could contend?

KG: I assessed my team as a successful execution of my strategy.  I also had zero confidence that it would work because a strategy is only as good as the players who execute it, as we all know (thank you William Green, Randy Moss 2012, etc., etc.).  But I did have a little bit of hope that putting WRs in the flex position would carry me.

DS: At the time, who were some of your favorite picks? Any regrettable picks?

KG: I loved getting LeSean McCoy, but really, who wouldn't?  Draft Sharks had him rated higher than the status quo, and I bumped him up on my spreadsheet correspondingly.  Good call. Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson were underrated by most sources, and thus let me start #1 WRs in my flex. The bad side – I regret every single one of my TE picks (Jermaine Gresham, Brandon Pettigrew, Jared Cook) and wound up trolling the waiver wire until I stumbled upon Delanie Walker later in the year.  I also missed on Kaepernick.  This may be my last year to bank so much on a running QB.

DS: How did you approach the blind bidding system? Was there a key FA addition you made?

KG: I would have to say that, for me, the drop/add system was the second most important thing to my regular season success (the first being to place WRs in both flex positions).  It took a couple of weeks to get a feel for how much my league mates were bidding in order to win players.  In my specific league, the obvious adds (such as Brian Leonard after Doug Martin went down) went for big money, but the more risky yet fruitful adds such as Bobby Rainey were fortunately cheap.  So he was a favorite add of mine, in addition to Mike Tolbert, who carried me to some important mid-season wins when DeMarco Murray was injured.

DS: Do you plan to participate in the FFPC Main Event next season?

KG: Absolutely!  But I will keep the same goal as I had last year:  Win the league of 12, and then see what happens in the big 'Tournament of Champions' after that.

DS: Thanks for your time, Kevin, and congrats on the big score.

KG: I’m already looking forward to more great stuff from you guys this summer!

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