Week 10 IDP Hits

T.J. Watt is back!

I’m not sure everyone is fully appreciating what that means.

This is the guy that led the league in sacks each of the past 2 years. In 2021, Watt also delivered 6 more QB hits than anyone else in the league. Count 6 back from #2 Myles Garrett, and you would have found 6 more players in range.

The gap was even larger the year before. Watt racked up 9 more QB hits than any other player. Either other guys finished within 9 hits of #2 Carl Lawson.

Watt also led the league in tackles for loss each of those seasons. He finished last year 5th among LBs in balanced-scoring leagues, despite missing 2 games.

This year – in two-thirds of one game – Watt racked up:

Check out the weekly pass-defense DVOA ratings from Football Outsiders for the 1 game that included Watt (at Cincinnati) vs. the rest of them …

Perhaps he comes back at something less than full Wattage. But he said this week there’s not going to be a snap count. And Watt is 1 of few players around the league you should be scared to underestimate in his return.

Notes Around the League: