Week 10 Streaming Picks

Which D should you play this week? Whichever one is playing the Bills, of course.

According to our adjusted fantasy points allowed formula, Buffalo's adding 134% to average scoring for opponent team defenses. That's 54 percentage points higher than the next most favorable matchup (Giants) and more than double the boost from the 3rd team on that list (Cardinals).

The problem: We all know about the Buffalo matchup boost at this point. So you can't wait until the Wednesday waiver run (or whenever your league does it) to chase the week's Bills opponent. As of midday this Wednesday, the Jets' D (Week 10 opponent) had already jumped 41.9 percentage points in ESPN ownership -- to 70.6%.

So the Jets went from barely owned as a fantasy defense to barely available before the week's most common waiver day. That means we have to start looking further ahead if we want to keep swimming in the stream.

After their Week 11 bye, the Bills go:

at Miami
N.Y. Jets
At New England
Miami (Week 17)

That Week 13 rematch is a reason to consider keeping the Jets D beyond this week if you managed to pick it up. And go ahead and stash Miami -- especially if your league plays through Week 17.

Of course, we won’t all be able to play [Bills opponent] in a given week, so how about some other look-ahead options? Keep these defenses in mind (or go ahead and add one now):

Week 11: Steelers (at Jaguars), Cardinals (vs. Raiders)
Week 12: Bills (vs. Jaguars), Bengals (vs. Browns), Colts (vs. Dolphins)
Week 13: Packers (vs. Cardinals), Bills (at Dolphins), Titans (vs. Jets), Seahawks (vs. 49ers)

Miss out on the Jets for Week 10 and still need a defense? Read on ...