Week 3 Waiver Wire Deep Dive

In our 2nd installment of Waiver Wire Deep Dive, I’ll focus mostly on players who were not mentioned in the Week 1 edition. However, if a player flashed again in the data and is still largely unrostered, I’ll mention him again just to put him back on your radar.

We now have 2 of the most important influxes of information we will get this year about how coaches feel about players, and what they want to accomplish within their offenses. Things shift week to week, as you’ll notice in some of the information below, so we must constantly be taking in new data and deciding what to do with it. Some information must be discarded, like if there is a short-term injury to a starter and the back-up player will not stay involved after he returns. But other times, even seemingly small shifts are signs that a bigger change is on the way.

I’ve studied the data for this week, and below are some deep-dive players I would consider either adding to your rosters or keeping a close eye on for future weeks. Which you need to do will depend on your roster size, how desperate you are for an option at a certain position and how aggressive your league is.

Joshua Kelley, RB, Chargers

We saw a shift in the way the Chargers used Kelley (and Sony Michel) in Week 2, and it appears like they might be feeling like Kelley might be a better player. He played on 19 snaps, while Michel only played on 9. They both received 4 carries, but Kelley was more effective with his (22 yards to Michel’s 13).

Neither is particularly exciting, but it’s a smart move to roster the back who would see the most work if a starter was lost to injury, and it is looking like that might be Kelley. However, most likely both backs would share the load if Ekeler were to go down with a major injury. Still, Kelley might be worth a speculative add if you have space.