When to Ignore Your 2021 Fantasy Football Rankings

Ezekiel Elliott or Saquon Barkley?

Keenan Allen or Michael Thomas?

Marvin Jones or Elijah Moore?

We put a lot of time into projecting all these guys, and the primary goal is to answer questions just like these. But the answers can change as you get deeper into your draft.

Zeke vs. Barkley is a clear Round 1 decision. And you can find our clear answer in the RB rankings.

Allen vs. Thomas might be a little trickier, especially without knowing for sure who will be throwing passes to Thomas. But you can also find our preference for that call in the WR rankings.

But Jones vs. Moore (or countless other similar later-draft decisions)? Well …

What are you looking for from this player?
What else do you already have rostered?
Have you already drafted any Jaguars or Jets?
What’s the latest word on Moore’s expected role?

And beyond all that … is WR even the pick here?

You get it. Projections tell most of the story for your early-draft turns. But the further you get into building your roster, the more there is to consider. And the biggest of those considerations is upside.

When you’re picking out your 5th WR, would you rather get the guy we project for 10 more points over the course of the season? Or would you rather stash the guy with the higher ceiling?

Well, we project that, too. And we have a pumped up Draft War Room set to debut within the next few weeks that will highlight that area even more as you get into the later rounds. (Get ready for “Upside Mode.”)

In the meantime, I’ve gone through each position to set relative levels for when your draft approach should change.

QB: Beyond the Top 7