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2017 Expert Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft

We put 3 Draft Sharks and 9 industry friends in a draft room to sort out this year's rookie class. Here's what happened ...

12:05pm EDT 5/19/17 Read More
2017 Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Football season just ended, but MFL10s will get started soon. So how should you expect things to go? Here's what 1 group of experts said ...

8:02am EST 2/7/17 Read More
Premium Content Auction Draft Recap

You've read the strategy guide for fantasy football auction drafts. Now let's see it put into practice, as Matt Schauf tries to buy a championship squad.

9:08am EDT 8/25/16 Read More
Premium Content FF Webmasters 14-Team Experts Draft Recap

Can you wait on RBs even in a non-PPR fantasy football draft? Our guy Kevin English gave it a try. Let's see if it worked out ...

8:08am EDT 8/25/16 Read More
Premium Content Experts Draft Recap

Can you take a RB-heavy draft strategy too far? Jared Smola might have in this draft.

8:08am EDT 8/12/16 Read More
Premium Content FFPC Double Draft Recap

Recapping 1 draft is fun, but we're doubling the enjoyment here. Matt Schauf built 2 teams in the exact same format about 2 months apart -- with the MVP Board arriving in between. What changed? What stayed the same? Let's find out ...

10:08am EDT 8/8/16 Read More
Smola's Pros vs. Joes Draft Recap

Smola drew the 5 spot in this FFPC-style best-ball league. Here's a pick-by-pick look at how his draft unfolded, from David Johnson to Darren Fells.

4:07pm EDT 7/28/16 Read More
The Draft Strategy That Might Not Work

Matt Schauf took on a different format in a big-money draft and decided to zag when the rest of the league was zigging. Will it work? And how might it help your draft?

7:15am EDT 8/29/15 Read More
Premium Content Schauf's Pros vs. Joes Draft Recap

Schauf took Rob Gronkowski 4th overall in this TE-friendly setup. Check out how the rest of his draft unfolded.

8:50am EDT 7/31/15 Read More
Premium Content Smola's Pros vs. Joes Recap

Smola picked from the 9-hole in this FFPC-style draft and came away with a loaded RB corps and a stud TE. Here's a pick-by-pick recap of the proceedings.

9:23am EDT 7/24/15 Read More

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