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Fantasy Football Draft Analysis | Fantasy Drafts Recaps | Draft Sharks

Fantasy football draft analysis—where we break down the experts’ drafts, pick by pick.

FFPC Draft Recap - June Draft Experts League

It was a RB-heavy 1st round in this "best-ball" draft ... and there was a surprise pick at #6. Here's a complete recap of all 28 rounds.

7:46am EDT 6/19/14 Read More
Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft Recap

Complete results and analysis of a 6-round dynasty rookie fantasy football mock draft.

11:07am EDT 5/21/14 Read More
The Boss' FSWA Draft Recap

Lenny Pappano wasn't about to go QB early, and his wait paid off. You might be surprised at how he decided to fill out the rest of his lineup, though ...

1:38am EDT 8/29/13 Read More
Jared Smola's FSWA Draft Recap

Jared Smola opened his FSWA draft with 3 straight RBs. Did that leave him thin at WR? Check out his team to find out.

1:16am EDT 8/29/13 Read More
Matt Schauf's FSWA Draft Recap

Missteps by others had Matt waiting until the end of Round 10 for his starting QB. See how his squad turned out.

12:59am EDT 8/29/13 Read More
Expert Fantasy Draft Recap: Waiting (and waiting) on a QB

Jared Smola went into a Draft Masters draft recently ... and took his sweet time getting around to the QBs.

12:33am EDT 8/27/13 Read More
Triple Crown IDP Draft Recap

Kevin English shows that you can build a contending team even with just 1 RB through the 1st 4 rounds.

9:54pm EDT 8/20/13 Read More
BTR Gold IDP Draft Recap

How early should you take a QB? What about IDPs? Matt Schauf consults his MVP Board and winds up quite happy with the answers.

12:15am EDT 8/7/13 Read More
FanEx Auction Draft Recap

Not every draft goes perfectly. Our guy Matt Schauf tries to help you learn from his mistakes.

8:22pm EDT 8/1/13 Read More
How to Win Your Fantasy League Without a 1st-Round RB

Some will tell you that you NEED to grab a RB in the 1st round this year. That's not true. Here's how you can win your fantasy league by passing on the 1st-round RBs.

7:37pm EDT 7/11/13 Read More

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