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Premium Content Triple Crown IDP Draft Recap

Kevin English shows that you can build a contending team even with just 1 RB through the 1st 4 rounds.

9:54pm EDT 8/20/13 Read More
Premium Content BTR Gold IDP Draft Recap

How early should you take a QB? What about IDPs? Matt Schauf consults his MVP Board and winds up quite happy with the answers.

12:15am EDT 8/7/13 Read More
Premium Content FanEx Auction Draft Recap

Not every draft goes perfectly. Our guy Matt Schauf tries to help you learn from his mistakes.

8:22pm EDT 8/1/13 Read More
Premium Content How to Win Your Fantasy League Without a 1st-Round RB

Some will tell you that you NEED to grab a RB in the 1st round this year. That's not true. Here's how you can win your fantasy league by passing on the 1st-round RBs.

7:37pm EDT 7/11/13 Read More
Premium Content Rotoworld IDP Mock Draft Recap

Matt Schauf came away from the Rotoworld IDP (and PPR) mock draft with a stud-laden starting lineup. What did he have to give up in return? He combs back through his strategy and selections in all 24 rounds to find tips for your next draft.

9:21pm EDT 6/26/13 Read More
Premium Content Sirius XM Dynasty League Rookie Draft Recap

You won't find a deeper rookie draft than the one we recently completed in the Sirius XM Dynasty League. You'll be surprised to see who went before Tavon Austin and how far Eddie Lacy fell. And you'll even find IDPs!

9:39pm EDT 6/9/13 Read More
Premium Content Fantasy Index Experts Auction Recap

We went top-heavy in this 12-team auction, landing 3 guys who will be 1st-round picks in fantasy drafts this summer. Did the rest of our squad suffer? Here's a complete rundown...

12:00am EDT 5/20/13 Read More
Premium Content Fantasy Index Experts League Draft Recap

We drafted from the 8-hole and went high-risk, high-reward early. And we didn't take our starting QB until the 10th round!

12:00am EDT 5/19/13 Read More

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