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Fantasy Football Podcast: Big Deals and Preseason Recap 8-15-17

Zeke's gone for a while (or is he); Sammy Watkins is gone from Buffalo; and we have a whole weekend of preseason action to break down. Lots to get to as fantasy football drafts approach ...

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Fantasy Football Podcast: The Perfect Draft 8-10-17

You need to be flexible in your draft, but it's still a good idea to go in with a plan. We're starting that plan on today's show.

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Fantasy Football Podcast: News & Ceiling Guys 8-3-17

Training camps are open, and that means a flood of injury news. We're breaking down the impact and the shrug-worthy before picking out some draft targets that could make your season.

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Fantasy Football Podcast: TE Preview 7-25-17

The TE position was ugly last year. How should you approach it in 2017 fantasy drafts? Let's discuss ...

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Fantasy Football Podcast: QB Preview 7-18-17

It's not enough to just say "wait on a QB" in your fantasy football draft anymore. That's why we're running through the position, digging into your options and giving away some top strategies.

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Fantasy Football Podcast: RB Preview 7-13-17

The backfield bounce back last year is pushing RBs up the fantasy draft board. Here's how you should react ... and the values you can still find in later rounds.

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Fantasy Football Podcast: WR Preview 7-6-17

Training camps are right around the corner. That means the heat of fantasy football draft season is following closely behind. Let's kick off our positional preview series with the wideouts.

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Fantasy Football Podcast: Living Rankings 6-29-17

We're back, and we're sorting through players and situations that still leave us scratching our heads.

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Fantasy Football Podcast: I Want to Like You More 6-8-17

The winter months are for dreaming, but stuff gets real when we do our projections. Here are 8 guys who just couldn't get enough love ...

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Fantasy Football Podcast: Why Are You So High? 6-1-17

We're in the thick of projections season, so it's a good time to ponder why certain guys are coming out higher than we expected.

1:06pm EDT 6/1/17 Read More

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