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Updated: 12:48pm EST 12/6/21

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Overall Rankings

This Average Draft Position (ADP) tool is for Dynasty leagues that allow teams to retain their rosters from season to season.  We’ve averaged player draft positions based on 12-team Dynasty formats.

Positional RankFF Calculator
Avg. Draft Position
Bye WeekConsensus PointsDS Fantasy Points
1. Christian McCaffreyRB28.12   Show Trend »13279310
2. Saquon BarkleyRB28.12   Show Trend »10224218
3. Jonathan TaylorRB28.12   Show Trend »14229225
4. Dalvin CookRB28.12   Show Trend »7276273
5. Antonio GibsonRB28.12   Show Trend »9205212
6. Javonte WilliamsRB28.12   Show Trend »11152154
7. Alvin KamaraRB28.12   Show Trend »6235242
8. Derrick HenryRB28.12   Show Trend »13274264
9. Najee HarrisRB28.12   Show Trend »7211215
10. Michael CarterRB28.12   Show Trend »6101111
11. Nick ChubbRB28.12   Show Trend »13236238
12. Ezekiel ElliottRB28.12   Show Trend »7228254
13. Clyde Edwards-HelaireRB28.12   Show Trend »12190203
14. Austin EkelerRB28.12   Show Trend »7200204
15. Josh JacobsRB28.12   Show Trend »8190190
16. Aaron JonesRB28.12   Show Trend »13219233
17. Trey SermonRB28.12   Show Trend »6129150
18. Joe MixonRB28.12   Show Trend »10208213
19. D'Andre SwiftRB28.12   Show Trend »9181189
20. Damien HarrisRB28.12   Show Trend »14165175
21. Chris CarsonRB28.12   Show Trend »9193200
22. David MontgomeryRB28.12   Show Trend »10196193
23. James RobinsonRB28.12   Show Trend »7190200
24. Raheem MostertRB28.12   Show Trend »6156123
25. Kareem HuntRB28.12   Show Trend »13139152
26. Miles SandersRB28.12   Show Trend »14183187
27. Myles GaskinRB28.12   Show Trend »14151138
28. Gus EdwardsRB28.12   Show Trend »81870
29. Mike DavisRB28.12   Show Trend »6169158
30. Rhamondre StevensonRB28.12   Show Trend »147179
31. A.J. DillonRB28.12   Show Trend »13122102
32. Chase EdmondsRB28.12   Show Trend »12148148
33. Darrell HendersonRB28.12   Show Trend »11156159
34. Ronald JonesRB28.12   Show Trend »9120131
35. Sony MichelRB28.12   Show Trend »11128122
36. Zack MossRB28.12   Show Trend »7123117
37. Kenneth GainwellRB28.12   Show Trend »144956
38. Melvin GordonRB28.12   Show Trend »11138123
39. Jamaal WilliamsRB28.12   Show Trend »9102127
40. Leonard FournetteRB28.12   Show Trend »9116143
41. Devin SingletaryRB28.12   Show Trend »710190
42. Alexander MattisonRB28.12   Show Trend »78389
43. David JohnsonRB28.12   Show Trend »109776
44. Chuba HubbardRB28.12   Show Trend »135948
45. Marlon MackRB28.12   Show Trend »146346
46. James ConnerRB28.12   Show Trend »12126111
47. Mark IngramRB28.12   Show Trend »67067
48. Nyheim HinesRB28.12   Show Trend »148992
49. Tony PollardRB28.12   Show Trend »79397
50. Phillip LindsayRB28.12   Show Trend »149286
51. Kenyan DrakeRB28.12   Show Trend »8109108
52. Tevin ColemanRB28.12   Show Trend »68890
53. Rashaad PennyRB28.12   Show Trend »96969

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