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Fantasy Football League Sync

By Lenny Pappano | Updated on Wed, 01 May 2024 . 2:57 PM EDT
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How League Sync Lets You Dominate Your Draft

  • Setup is quick, intuitive, and fully integrated
  • You focus on drafting, not tracking player picks

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Why League Sync Gives You Better Rankings

  • Player values are adjusted in real-time
  • Use Upside Mode for late-round sleepers

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Get Instant Access to Sync Your League

  • Compatible with Yahoo, ESPN & 9 more
  • Supports dynasty, keeper, auction, & best ball

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'League Sync' vs. Integrated Live-Draft Sync

Both the Live Draft Sync and Draft Sync tools offer valuable assistance. But understanding the limitations of a league sync vs a fully integrated live-draft sync is crucial.

  • League Settings & Roster Sync
    While both “league sync” and integrated live-draft sync have these features, league syncs are NOT integrated. And that integration is the real value to you when you draft. It’s like buying a car based on its leather seats – but ignoring the fact that it has a lawnmower engine.  
  • In-Draft Pick Syncing Is A Must
    League sync generally means you are still entering everyone’s picks during the draft. Live-draft sync automatically keeps track of picks so you can focus on players and strategy rather than data entry. Without live-draft sync’s real-time updates, adapting your strategy to the flow of the draft is nearly impossible.
  • Integrated Draft Tool
    Many sites sell you a draft tool based on their “technology”... then send you to a completely different site to use their sync. This is not only a pain, but it’s a “bait and switch.” You get none of the strategic advantage you paid for… It’s like paying for a new house – then getting the trailer out back.
The Draft Sharks live-draft sync is the best league sync you'll find. It connects directly with your league to be a smooth, powerful draft assistant.

Live-Draft Sync: Features Of This Game Changer

  • Effortless Setup
    With just a few clicks, you can configure the Draft Sharks Live Draft Sync tool to perfectly match your league's settings. There’s no creating multiple accounts on different platforms (like a draft sync) And, yes, it syncs with your favorite platforms including Yahoo, ESPN, CBS Sports, Sleeper – plus 7 more.
  • Real-Time Draft Board Updates
    As players are selected across the league, your board updates in real-time. That means you’ll never miss a player pick. More importantly, this live-draft sync re-ranks your players after every selection. There’s a Value-Based Draft algorithm built into the tool that does all the work for you. 
  • Unmatched Reliability
    Engineered for stability, this tool ensures that you won't face any glitches or interruptions during your draft. No crashes in the middle of your draft. No frustrating time lag in updating. It. Just. Works! 

What That Means For You

  • Saves You Time and Avoids Frustration
    You won't waste a moment on complicated setups or troubleshooting, giving you more time to focus on your draft strategy. Plus, no more tracking the players picked in your draft.
  • Peace of Mind on Draft Day
    The technology behind your decisions is dependable, allowing for a zen and enjoyable drafting experience. The things that can be automated by a computer should be. You need to focus on your draft.  

Why (Draft Sharks) Live-Draft Sync Gives You Better Rankings

The Draft Sharks sync gives you dynamic player picks in real-time. And it does it in multiple formats (Dynasty, Keeper, Best Ball, Auction, etc.) using your league’s settings and rules.

Here’s how it works: 

  • The Draft War Room (DWR) Creates Dynamic Player Values
    Our league sync is powered by our “Draft War Room” (DWR). This tool automatically re-ranks players on your draft board in real-time based on a variety of factors including positional scarcity, team needs, breakout potential, and bust risk. There are 17 draft value indicators it calculates in real-time to come up with your player suggestions.
  • Upside Mode Highlights Breakout Players
    This feature highlights and prioritizes potential breakout players. This mode is especially useful in late rounds. You get the ability to adjust how aggressively you want to target upside players based on your draft strategy. By focusing on potential breakout players, you can craft a team with a higher ceiling, giving you a competitive edge.
  • The Player Injury Predictor Tool
    This tool is baked into the Live Draft Sync. It’s a sophisticated feature designed to forecast the likelihood of injuries for NFL players. This tool leverages historical data, player profiles, and advanced analytics to give you insights into injury risks. Players are assigned a number that quantifies their probability of injury. So you can evaluate players more effectively during the draft.
  • Tailored Player Suggestions
    When it's your turn to pick, the Draft Sharks Live-Draft Sync offers player suggestions tailored to your team's needs and your league's scoring rules. This alleviates the pressure of being "on the clock."
  • Up-to-the-Minute Player News and Analysis
    You get the latest player news, injury reports, and in-depth analysis directly within this draft tool. This info allows you to know when a player's stock rises or falls, making your draft picks more secure and informed.

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FAQs about Live Draft Sync

Is there a fantasy football tool that tells me who to draft based on other people's picks?

A fantasy football tool that tells you who to draft based on other people’s picks would be a live-draft sync tool. And don’t confuse a live-draft sync tool with just a simple league-sync tool. 

What is the best fantasy football app for the live draft?

The best fantasy football app for a live draft is an app that incorporates a live-draft sync. That’s because an app with a live-draft sync lets you adapt real-time draft strategies.  

What is a live draft sync?

A live draft sync is a draft tool that allows you to sync your player rankings to your draft platform – in real time. It gives you a huge strategic advantage over your competitors. 

Why is my Draft Sharks not syncing?

If your Draft Sharks is not syncing, it’s more than likely user error. Make sure you’re using Chrome as your browser, and have the latest extension. Then try re-syncing your league. If that doesn’t work, reach out to Draft Sharks customer service for help.

Is there an AI to help with the fantasy football draft?

The best AI to help with your fantasy football draft is a live-draft sync. Basically, a live-draft sync brings the power of AI to your draft strategy by syncing your draft platform to your draft rankings and strategy.

Can I use AI to draft my fantasy football team?

Yes, you can use AI to draft your fantasy football team. Of course, you’ll still have to put in the work, but you can use AI to help draft and strategize.

What is ADP in fantasy football?

ADP in fantasy football stands for “Average Draft Position.” Knowing the ADP for your format is crucial to your draft strategy. It’s how you can find sleepers, and avoid overvaluing players as well. 

What live-draft sync works with Yahoo?

Draft Sharks live-draft sync works with Yahoo. It pairs seamlessly with Yahoo and 10 other popular draft platforms.

What live-draft sync works with ESPN?

Draft Sharks live-draft sync works with ESPN. It pairs seamlessly with ESPN and 10 other popular draft platforms.

What draft services does Draft Sharks sync to?

Here is the complete list of draft services that Draft Sharks syncs to:

  • Yahoo
  • ESPN
  • CBS
  • Sleeper
  • MyFantasyLeague
  • Fantrax
  • FFPC
  • Flea Flicker
  • RealTime Sports
  • Underdog Fantasy

Get more information on Sync Troubleshooting

Other rankings are stale  before the 2nd round.

Draft using the best dynamic tool in the industry. Our fantasy player valuations (3D Values) change during your draft in response to...

  1. Exact league settings - direct sync
  2. Opponent and Team Needs
  3. Positional scarcity & available players
  4. Ceiling, injury risk, ADP, and more!

You need a dynamic cheat sheet that easily live-syncs with your draft board and adapts throughout your draft using 17 crucial indicators.

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