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Updated: 12:48pm EST 12/6/21

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This Average Draft Position (ADP) tool is specific for fantasy football leagues that award a half-point-per reception. We cull these ADP numbers from a large group of fantasy football services that have 10, 12 and 14 team leagues featuring a half-point per reception.

Positional RankFF Nerds
Avg. Draft Position
Bye WeekConsensus PointsDS Fantasy Points
1. Patrick MahomesQB28.12   Show Trend »12459456.0
2. Josh AllenQB28.12   Show Trend »7448445.0
3. Kyler MurrayQB28.12   Show Trend »12421437.0
4. Lamar JacksonQB28.12   Show Trend »8413413.0
5. Dak PrescottQB28.12   Show Trend »7412420.0
6. Justin HerbertQB28.12   Show Trend »7401402.0
7. Aaron RodgersQB28.12   Show Trend »13402385.0
8. Russell WilsonQB28.12   Show Trend »9402409.0
9. Tom BradyQB28.12   Show Trend »9386399.0
10. Jalen HurtsQB28.12   Show Trend »14393368.0
11. Matthew StaffordQB28.12   Show Trend »11369381.0
12. Ryan TannehillQB28.12   Show Trend »13373370.0
13. Joe BurrowQB28.12   Show Trend »10356369.0
14. Trevor LawrenceQB28.12   Show Trend »7343354.0
15. Trey LanceQB28.12   Show Trend »6343294.0
16. Matt RyanQB28.12   Show Trend »6342343.0
17. Justin FieldsQB28.12   Show Trend »10348301.0
18. Baker MayfieldQB28.12   Show Trend »13332341.0
19. Carson WentzQB28.12   Show Trend »14331303.0
20. Deshaun WatsonQB28.12   Show Trend »1016989.0
21. Kirk CousinsQB28.12   Show Trend »7327357.0
22. Jameis WinstonQB28.12   Show Trend »6369249.0
23. Ryan FitzpatrickQB28.12   Show Trend »9367287.0
24. Tua TagovailoaQB28.12   Show Trend »14341336.0
25. Ben RoethlisbergerQB28.12   Show Trend »7332302.0
26. Taysom HillQB28.12   Show Trend »610395.0
27. Mac JonesQB28.12   Show Trend »14309294.0
28. Zach WilsonQB28.12   Show Trend »6312315.0
29. Derek CarrQB28.12   Show Trend »8337317.0
30. Daniel JonesQB28.12   Show Trend »10335324.0
31. Sam DarnoldQB28.12   Show Trend »13329318.0
32. Jared GoffQB28.12   Show Trend »9300297.0
33. Cam NewtonQB28.12   Show Trend »1311742.0
34. Teddy BridgewaterQB28.12   Show Trend »11309284.0
35. Drew LockQB28.12   Show Trend »118159.0
36. Jimmy GaroppoloQB28.12   Show Trend »69577.0
37. Tyrod TaylorQB28.12   Show Trend »10260217.0
38. A.J. McCarronQB28.12   Show Trend »600
39. Andy DaltonQB28.12   Show Trend »108174.0
40. Jacob EasonQB28.12   Show Trend »94428.0
41. Brandon AllenQB28.12   Show Trend »101515.0
42. Gardner MinshewQB28.12   Show Trend »143916.0
43. P.J. WalkerQB28.12   Show Trend »131316.0
44. Nate SudfeldQB28.12   Show Trend »600
45. Taylor HeinickeQB28.12   Show Trend »93354.0
46. Jordan LoveQB28.12   Show Trend »13520
47. Garrett GilbertQB28.12   Show Trend »000
48. Paxton LynchQB28.12   Show Trend »000
49. Sam EhlingerQB28.12   Show Trend »14130
50. Kellen MondQB28.12   Show Trend »7150
51. Cooper RushQB28.12   Show Trend »770

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