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Inside the Draft War Room


Value Based Rankings

Most draft boards will show you which players have the highest projected points at each position. Honestly, that’s never really been a great tool to help you draft. That’s why in 1999, Draft Sharks became the first site to use Value Based Rankings to help people draft smarter.

But this is 2024.

Our brand new Draft War Room (DWR) helps you find the biggest difference makers for your team in every round. The core of how we created the (DWR) breaks down like this:

Dynamic MVP

3D Value

3D Value takes into account 5 crucial data points:

  1. The pool of available players at each position and the expected dropoff in fantasy production by your next pick
  2. Your remaining team needs based on the roster spots you’ve already filled
  3. Average draft position (ADP) of remaining players
  4. A player’s ceiling upside (and likelihood of hitting that ceiling) for players drafted in middle to late rounds
  5. Analytically proven positional strategies

The end result for you is what we’ve coined the 3D Value score. It’s a unique player score determined by a proprietary algorithm we’ve created and tested. Doing these calculations manually would take you hours to determine the biggest difference maker for your team at each round of your draft. Our Draft War Room does it in less than a second, every time you’re on the clock.


Live League Sync

The Draft War Room will live sync with your commissioning service to load:

  1. Your league’s scoring
  2. Your draft order and other team names
  3. Every team’s pick, live throughout your draft
  4. Your league’s roster through the regular season for Free Agent & Trade advice

This means you’ll be able to fully leverage our Draft War Room tools in real time during your draft. It also means that once the regular season starts, you’ll have free agent recommendations and trade advice — all dialed into each of your leagues.

3D Projections

3D Projections

We give you a quick view of 3 crucial data points.

  1. OUR award-winning baseline projections.
  2. A consensus projection from 38 other sites.
  3. “Ceiling” and “Floor” projections for each player.

This is a huge benefit to you in the heat of the draft (especially in the mid-to-late rounds when we highlight the probability of a player hitting their “ceiling” projection). With one quick glance, you can absorb multiple inputs of how a player will perform this year. And then pick the player with the greatest potential for your team.

More War Room Features

Mock Draft Trainer

Mock Draft Trainer Quick Tutorial Play Video

In just a few minutes, you can complete a mock draft against our software based on your league settings.

Ability to flag players

Ability to “flag” players and leave player notes for yourself

Just another visual cue for you to track the players you love. And leave notes about each player.

Mock Draft Trainer

Upside Mode

Once you’re past the early rounds of your draft, The Draft War Room board boosts late-round players who are more likely to “break out” based on the likelihood of hitting their projection ceilings.

Position Tiers

Position Tiers

So you can measure the drop off in production among players from the same position.

Average Draft Position

Average Draft Position for your exact league type

Get your guys at the right time … not too early, but not too late. We even tell you how many picks away that ADP is.

Position Tabs

Position Tabs

We make it easy to sort players by their position, including Flex and IDP Flex.

Players' Bye Weeks

Players’ bye weeks

This Draft War Room tool actually gives a warning of bye-week conflicts for your team.

Draft Log & Grid

Draft Log & Grid

Know exactly where you are in the draft at all times and what positions other teams around you need.

Injury Guide

Percentage chance of a player injury based on our Injury Guide

We have the largest, most comprehensive injury database for NFL players in the industry. (NFL teams have paid to get access).

Keeper League

Keeper League

We allow you to add and remove players from your team and other teams, then mock and draft for real right on the same board.

Table Icons

Icons that give you one-glance reminders of our insider advice

Sleepers, breakouts, injury risks, handcuffs, etc.

Auction League Drafts

Auction League Drafts

Based on your total budget and selected auction strategy, we’ll tell you how much each player is really worth in your auction.

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