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Updated: 6:55am EDT 8/14/22

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Tight End

This Average Draft Position (ADP) data is exclusively from leagues that score one point per reception. Since most leagues now use this scoring option, this ADP tool is our most popular. We get this ADP data from multiple sources in 10, 12, and 14 team formats.

Positional RankFF Nerds
Avg. Draft Position
Bye WeekConsensus PointsDS Fantasy Points
1. Travis KelceTE2.2   Show Trend »8258281.4
2. Mark AndrewsTE2.12   Show Trend »10245236.2
3. Kyle PittsTE3.10   Show Trend »14199216.6
4. George KittleTE4.10   Show Trend »9189188.6
5. Darren WallerTE5.2   Show Trend »6199213.9
6. Dalton SchultzTE6.2   Show Trend »9184196.3
7. T.J. HockensonTE6.10   Show Trend »6172179.1
8. Dallas GoedertTE8.2   Show Trend »7176198.5
9. Zach ErtzTE8.10   Show Trend »13160161.7
10. Dawson KnoxTE8.12   Show Trend »7147158.3
11. Pat FreiermuthTE10.6   Show Trend »9154150.7
12. Mike GesickiTE11.1   Show Trend »11154155.1
13. Cole KmetTE11.5   Show Trend »14141155.1
14. Hunter HenryTE11.11   Show Trend »10146151.7
15. Irv SmithTE12.11   Show Trend »7133155.9
16. Albert OkwuegbunamTE14.1   Show Trend »9143148.0
17. Noah FantTE14.5   Show Trend »11137144.4
18. Robert TonyanTE14.8   Show Trend »14119129.6
19. David NjokuTE14.9   Show Trend »9136151.7
20. Tyler HigbeeTE15.6   Show Trend »7142151.0
21. Hayden HurstTE15.9   Show Trend »10121138.6
22. Gerald EverettTE15.10   Show Trend »8136145.9
23. Evan EngramTE16.2   Show Trend »11135148.0
24. Austin HooperTE16.7   Show Trend »6128123.6
25. Cameron BrateTE17.2   Show Trend »119588.8
26. Logan ThomasTE18.9   Show Trend »14134107.6
27. Mo Alie-CoxTE19.8   Show Trend »1493101.2
28. J.J. Arcega-WhitesideTE21.7   Show Trend »770
29. Kyle RudolphTE22.2   Show Trend »117772.4
30. Brevin JordanTE22.5   Show Trend »6106111.0
31. C.J. UzomahTE22.7   Show Trend »108167.9
32. Brycen HopkinsTE23.1   Show Trend »72222.6
33. Eric SaubertTE23.11   Show Trend »980
34. Sean McKeonTE23.12   Show Trend »9100
35. Jimmy GrahamTE24.7   Show Trend »000
36. Hunter LongTE25.9   Show Trend »111820.4
37. Tre McKittyTE25.11   Show Trend »81622.4
38. Jeremy SprinkleTE25.12   Show Trend »9160
39. Adam TrautmanTE26.3   Show Trend »147594.4
40. Marcedes LewisTE27.10   Show Trend »14380
41. Jody FortsonTE28.12   Show Trend »8140
42. Jacob HarrisTE28.12   Show Trend »72721.8
43. Chigoziem OkonkwoTE28.12   Show Trend »62327.6
44. Trey McBrideTE28.12   Show Trend »135946.2
45. Tyler DavisTE28.12   Show Trend »144555.9
46. Geoff SwaimTE28.12   Show Trend »66256.8
47. Kendall BlantonTE28.12   Show Trend »7410
48. Pharaoh BrownTE28.12   Show Trend »65746.8
49. Nick BoyleTE28.12   Show Trend »103617.3
50. Cole TurnerTE28.12   Show Trend »142330.1
51. Jordan AkinsTE28.12   Show Trend »95140.9
52. Blake BellTE28.12   Show Trend »8340
53. Ryan IzzoTE28.12   Show Trend »620
54. Drew SampleTE28.12   Show Trend »103942.2
55. Blake JarwinTE28.12   Show Trend »0250
56. Jonnu SmithTE28.12   Show Trend »106668.1
57. Ryan GriffinTE28.12   Show Trend »144626.9
58. Daniel BellingerTE28.12   Show Trend »97281.8
59. Tyler KroftTE28.12   Show Trend »93319.7
60. Ian ThomasTE28.12   Show Trend »134848.3

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In the heat of a draft, you want as much intel as possible. The key is integrating that into one simple, powerful tool.
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