FFPC Playoff Challenge Strategy

If you thought the fantasy football season was over ... think again.

The Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) will award $500,000 to the winner of their Playoff Challenge. You can view all of the details here, but the keys are below:

-$1.4 million prize pool

-$200 buy-in

-Entries capped at 7,800 teams

-Payouts down to 900th place

-FFPC scoring (1 PPR for RBs and WRs; 1.5 for TEs)

-Super Bowl points count double

Your mission: Pick the highest scoring team with the following (deep!) roster:

The catch? You can only select 1 player per NFL team. No stacking opportunities here.

Before we get into player selection, let's look at some influential factors for lineup building.

NOTE: For complete, playoff-long rankings, visit this page.

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