Podcast: FFPC Playoff Challenge Strategy 1-12-22

The FFPC Playoff Challenge features a $500,000 top prize, and we're all back to chase it once again. Mike Schopp and Adam Krautwurst from The Deep End podcast reunite with Matt and Jared to break down this unique contest. We're going team by team to talk playoff expectations, lineup-setting strategy ... and not always agree.

Tournament overview ... 2:57

Teams to fade ... 4:44

Tennessee Titans ... 14:42

Kansas City Chiefs ... 21:29

Buffalo Bills ... 29:21

Cincinnati Bengals ... 46:01

Las Vegas Raiders ... 58:29

New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers ... 1:06:00

Green Bay Packers ... 1:12:19

Tampa Bay Buccaneers ... 1:16:01

Dallas Cowboys ... 1:23:36

Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals ... 1:32:52

San Francisco 49ers ... 1:40:11

Philadelphia Eagles ... 1:51:22

Check out Kevin's article for more Playoff Challenge strategy. And listen in as Mike and Adam pick the brain of last year's winner in The Deep End. You can also find this and other episodes on Apple, Spotify and YouTube.