Podcast: Week 3 Preview 9-19-19

Do you know who's starting at QB for your favorite team this week? A bunch of them will be inserting new guys either because it's past time (Giants) or because the real starter's limping around (Panthers). All of those changes will affect the skill-position players around them and the fantasy defenses going against them. We're touching on all those situations, as well as looking into the backfields where the touches have been difficult to predict.

Let's get to the rundown:

Cincinnati Bengals at Buffalo Bills ... 1:31

Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys ... 8:50

Denver Broncos at Green Bay Packers ... 10:56

Atlanta Falcons at Indianapolis Colts ... 15:59

Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs ... 21:25

Oakland Raiders at Minnesota Vikings ... 25:25

New York Jets at New England Patriots ... 29:37

Detroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles ... 33:55

Carolina Panthers at Arizona Cardinals ... 40:18

New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers ... 44:50

Houston Texans at Los Angeles Chargers ... 51:44

New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks ... 57:24

Pittsburgh Steelers at San Francisco 49ers ... 1:04:05

Los Angeles Rams at Cleveland Browns ... 1:10:19

Chicago Bears at Washington ... 1:13:38

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