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Best Fantasy Football Team Names

By C. H. Herms | Updated on Thu, 07 Mar 2024 . 3:34 PM EST

Your Guide to Picking a Great Fantasy Football Team Name

You've done the research, drafted your team, and now you're ready to win a championship.

But wait – you can't forget to name your fantasy football team!

Although coming up with fantasy football team names isn't the most critical step of the process, it's a fun tradition and an excellent way to get a laugh out of your league mates.

The last thing you want to do is be the party pooper in your league who doesn't come up with a name at all!

A good name means nothing if your team sucks

Good Fantasy Football Team Names

We've put together a list of funny fantasy football team names that draw from puns or other various pop culture references. See if one of these leaps out to you:

  • Age of Kadarius
  • CeeDee EeeEffGee
  • Bijan Frisé
  • Rhamondre 3000
  • Jalen Hurts So Good
  • Daniel Jones BBQ and Foot Massage
  • Ja'Marrvelous Mrs. Maisel
  • Freiermuth Banana Stand
  • Sir Mixon-Lot
  • Baby Back Gibbs
  • Mattison Hatterson
  • Charbonnet Sauvignon
  • Anything For Love, But I Okonkwon't Do That
  • Citizen Kincaid
  • Don't Be A Kyren

Inappropriate Fantasy Football Team Names

Maybe you're looking to push the envelope a little bit. If you want to get spicy with it, try some of these dirty fantasy football team names out:

  • ETN Dat Boutte
  • Jackin Goff
  • Giving Me A Chubb
  • CeeDeez Nuts
  • Singletary's Dingleberrys
  • Huba Chubbard
  • My Abanikanda Don't Want None
  • Dicker? I Barely Know Her
  • Mandrews Mancakes
  • Sutton My Face

Taylor Swift Fantasy Football Team Names

Like her or not, Taylor has become a staple of the NFL lexicon through her relationship with Chiefs TE Travis Kelce. Perhaps consider incorporating her or her music into your fantasy football team name:

  • Anti-Hero RB
  • Jonathan Taylor's Version
  • New Greg Romantics
  • Getaway Carr
  • Blank Space Cowboys (nice double reference for Steve Miller Band fans)
  • Shake It Goff
  • Bigger Than The Whole Skyy
  • My Tiers Ricochet
  • Invisible Third String
  • D.J. Evermoore

Travis Kelce Fantasy Names

  • Kelce's Kingdom
  • Mr. Swift and Co.
  • Oh Say Can You Kelce?
  • Fight For Your Right To Party
  • Jason's Brother
  • It's A TE Love Story
  • New Heights Knights
  • From Sea To Shining Kelce
  • Kelce's Wildest Dream Team
  • Big Yeti Gang

Star Wars Fantasy Football Team Names

  • PPR2-D2
  • Bijan Solo and the Wookie
  • Come To The Dak Side
  • Obi-Wan Kamara
  • C-3PJoe (Burrow)
  • Kenneth and the SkyWalkers
  • The StormCoopers
  • Rachaad White-Saber
  • Jakobi-Wan Meyers
  • Jabba The Hunt

Cool Fantasy Football Team Names

  • Sunday Sofa Squad
  • Jalapeño Poppin'
  • Weekend Brew Crew
  • Nickelodeon Broadcast Team
  • Nothin' But Red Zone
  • Nacho Momma's Fantasy Team
  • Armchair QB Whisperer
  • Beer Belly Bashers
  • Dad Bod Squad
  • Craft Beer Runners

Clever Fantasy Football Team Names

  • Bootleg Brigade
  • The RPOracles
  • Nickel And Dime A Dozen
  • Wildcat Warriors
  • Rebel Air Coryell
  • The Shanahanigans
  • Checkdown Champs
  • Sirianni Or Laurel?
  • The Halas Palace
  • Dropback Like It's Hot

Joe Burrow Fantasy Football Team Names

  • Joey B-Boys
  • Joe BRRR Cold Crew
  • Burrow-ver The Rainbow
  • Joe Knows
  • The Bengal King
  • Cincinnati, Joehio
  • G.I. Joey
  • Geaux Burreaux
  • Joe, Joe, Joe Your Boat
  • Burrowito Bowl

Why Do You NEED A Good Fantasy Football Team Name?

Whether you play in one or two leagues with old friends, or you're an experienced hardcore manager with spreadsheets galore, the core purpose of fantasy football is having fun.

The joy of this game is being able to engage in friendly competition and add another layer of interest on top of simply being an NFL fan.

Plus, there are so many waiver moves, trade offers, and stats to keep track of for five months out of the year. Without the element of fun, playing fantasy football can feel like a slog on top of a person's already busy life.

Don't lose sight of the key element of this hobby, and remember why you started playing in the first place.

Remember: fantasy football is just a game.

Coming up with a good team name can:

  • Establish camaraderie: Are you the zany friend in the league who's just around to ruffle some feathers? Convey that message by going with a goofy, off-the-wall name that gets all your buddies laughing. Or if being serious is more your vibe, put a stamp on the roster your draft with an intimidating nickname to let everyone know that you mean business!
  • Be a trash talking device: Some light banter here and there never hurts the health of a fantasy football league. Labeling your team name with something that pokes fun at your pals or takes a jab at the rival NFL team your league roots for can lead to opportunities to get a little spicy. Don't take the joke too far, but riling up the competition can feed into the action.
  • Express personality: Plenty of folks participate in fantasy football leagues as part of their workplace culture. If you fall into that category, and you're looking to get to know your coworkers better, the name of your team can be a good indicator of your personality. Even if fantasy isn't a huge passion, a quirky name can be a nice icebreaker and endear you to your peers!

Tips For Coming Up With Your Fantasy Football Team Name

1.) Don't Take It Too Seriously

Good fantasy football team names don't have to be so good or clever that your friends confuse you for Mark Twain. It's not your keen sense of humor that you want the rest of the league to worry about.

Put a little bit of thought into it, though. Being the person who leaves draft day with the name "Show Me Your TDs" for the seventh year in a row gets a little tired.

Please don't be that person.

Be sure to get your mentals geared toward fresh team names that’ll get a chuckle out of your league.


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2.) A Good Pop Culture Reference = Gold

Whether it’s a work league, or a group of folks you went to college with, you’ve probably got an idea of what everyone likes or has in common.

Take the popular TV show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, for example. Super funny, lots of people like it, and there’s plenty of room to connect an NFL-related pun:

  • Paddy Mahomes’ Pub
  • What’s Your Locketti Policy?
  • I’m Cultivating The Pass

Seinfeld is a classic '90s show that’s also pretty easy to draw inspiration from in pun form:

  • The Toney Remark
  • No Coop For You!
  • Independent George Kittle
  • It’s Like Dating Mad Gibbs!
  • The Mingo Ate Your Baby

Not a big TV fan? Digging into the music realm is also an excellent route. Feel free to use these as examples of good fantasy football team names:

  • Can He Pickett? (A Tribe Called Quest)
  • So What’Cha Saquon’t? (Beastie Boys)
  • Like A Hock (Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band)
  • Jimmy G Cooks (Drake feat. 21 Savage)

The possibilities are endless if you just put your mind to it.

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3.) Know Your Audience

Make sure you read the room a bit before you settle on an idea.

It’s OK to wait on fantasy football team names if you’re joining a new league and don’t know everyone well. Seeing what other managers go with for their names will give you an idea of where the line is.

The last thing you want to do is be the person who calls your team “My Ball Zach Ertz” only to find out that everyone thinks you’re gross.

If you’re even the slightest bit concerned about going with an NSFW fantasy football team name, it’s probably best to be tame.

Be careful with your team name and your draft!

4.) No NFL Puns? Go Specific

If you’re struggling to come up with a pun directly related to a player you drafted or a common NFL team you and your league mates root for, don’t get frustrated.

A quirky high school teacher or college professor you remember probably said a goofy thing or two back in the day.

Some of the best funny fantasy football team names go beyond the pop culture realm. Think outside the box and get specific if you’re in a home league where most people are local.

I had a cross-country coach that called stink bugs “stink bees” for some reason I’ll never understand. He was a pretty zany character.

There’s at least one league of mine where “It’s Just A Stink Higbee” would be a gut-buster of a fantasy football team name.

Dig into the memory bank a little and see what you have.

We're not just here to help with redraft leagues.

5.) At Least Try

If you go through countless options and don’t settle on anything you’re proud of, that’s fine. It’s not that big of a deal to have the best fantasy football team name in your league.

That said, don’t leave it empty.

Your league mates aren’t going to think twice about “Team PatsFan1287” when they look at the schedule every week. Your league will pick up on the fact that you didn’t make an effort in the fun department.

Be sure to try at least to create a name that isn’t your platform’s default.

If that means you fall back on something cliché and overused like “Country Roads, Take Mahomes” as your fantasy football team name, fine.

It’s better to make a weak effort than no effort at all.

To that point, don’t give up if your team becomes a flop. Lean into it!

Keep trying all year, and don’t be afraid to poke fun at yourself if you don’t end up in the playoff picture. You can always change your fantasy football team name as the season goes on.

There’s nothing wrong with a team that “Fell Into The Pitts” or ends up “Dalvin [or James] Cooked.”

Sometimes the “Njoke’s On U.” And that’s OK.

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