Playoff IDP Rankings

Our offensive rankings for the playoffs landed Monday. Now it's time to cater to the serious players.

That's obviously what you are if you're heading into a playoff draft that includes IDPs. To rank the defensive guys, I used the same basic team projections/expectations that Jared laid out in the intro to the offensive rankings. There's 1 key difference on this side, though.

IDPs offer you more opportunities to hedge -- depending, of course, on your specific contest format. For example, you don't need to believe in the 49ers winning any games to make Nick Bosa a sensible selection. Even in a 1st-round loss, he's capable of posting as many or more points in that lone game as any DL for the Bills or Packers might deliver for the entire playoffs. And if San Francisco upsets Dallas, then Bosa is probably playing a significant role.

There are similar examples at the other positions as well. And LB looks particularly weak to me in these playoffs. So that's why you'll find a pair of them up top and then just a smattering through the remainder of the Top 40.

Just like with the offensive rankings, injury question marks are italicized below, and I'll keep an eye on those guys throughout the week. I have certainly downgraded Buccaneers LB Lavonte David for the uncertainty with his injured foot. Cowboys S Jayron Kearse, on the other hand, put in limited practices all week before missing a regular-season finale his team didn't need. So with our healthy projection for Dallas' outlook, I'm more willing to take a chance on his hamstring.

Top 40 Overall

1. De’Vondre Campbell, LB, Packers
2. Micah Parsons, LB, Cowboys