Week 10 Streaming Picks

More than Emmanuel Sanders has changed for Jimmy Garoppolo over the past 2 weeks.

The 49ers traded for Sanders on the way to their Week 8 meeting with the Panthers and sure seem to be treating him like a true #1 WR. But they’ve also let Garoppolo throw a little more in the red zone over the past 2 games.

The G averaged 3.7 red-zone pass attempts over the first 6 games, according to Pro Football Reference. He has tallied 13 (6.5 per game) over the past 2. He has also thrown 3 times inside the 10-yard line in each of the past 2 games, completing all 6 and totaling 4 TDs.

Garoppolo averaged 2 pass attempts per game inside the 10 over the first 6 games and did reach 4 in a game twice. He went just 6 of 12 over that span, though, with 3 total TD throws in that range. Sanders, by the way, has scored a red-zone TD in each of his San Francisco outings.

This is just 2 games, of course, which doesn’t even make a trend yet. But there’s room for Garoppolo to continue adding value in this area, especially in an offense that has averaged the league’s 2nd most red-zone scoring chances per game so far.

Does this make Garoppolo the Week 10 streaming pick? Let’s see …