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Player Profile

DeWayne McBride Injury History & Updates

Basic StatsDeWayne McBride's Basic Stats

Draft Sharks
ADP: 37.3
Bye: 6
Experience: 1
Age: 23.0
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 209

Injury PredictorDeWayne McBride's Injury Guide

Chance of Injury in 2024


% chance misses at least 2 quarters

Chance of Injury per Game


1- 17√1-% Inj/Season

Projected Games Missed 2024


Ability to produce despire relatively minor injuries. 5 being most durable

Injury analysis powered by Draft Sharks Injury Guide, formerly SIP Logo

Injury History

Date League Injury Details

Basic StatsDeWayne McBride's Preseason Player Analysis

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