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Best Auction Draft Fantasy Tools and Draft Board

By Jared Smola 6:55am EDT 5/24/23

Powerful Auction Tools That Simply Work

A fantasy football auction gives you a lot to think about. We’re here to simplify your process.

Draft War Room

This live-syncing draft tool will be your draft-day cheat code 

Nearly all fantasy football sites offer an Auction Draft board with static bid suggestions.

Even though everyone knows that a fantasy draft is anything but static – especially an auction draft.

Our Draft War Room offers you something completely different.  “Next level” stuff.

It adapts throughout the auction draft, calculating factors like current team needs, positional scarcity, remaining budgets, and remaining players.

Then the Draft War Room gives you the right bid for every player. Dynamically. In real time.

So you know when you’re getting value. Or when you should avoid overpaying.

Live sync powers your draft

The Draft War Room can create this “dynamic fantasy football auction draft board” because it live-syncs with your fantasy football league.

That sync automatically pulls in scoring and lineup settings to give you customized fantasy football rankings for your draft – while you draft! 

As you draft, your synced Draft War Room will automatically update as players are selected, monitoring 18 crucial in-draft indicators, and delivering top-pick recommendations for every turn.

What are those 18 indicators?

  • league scoring
  • remaining budget
  • positional value
  • real-time team needs
  • opponents team needs
  • changing positional scarcity
  • player upside
  • bust risk
  • injury risk
  • breakout likelihood
  • correlated ADP
  • bye conflicts
  • consensus rankings
  • flex options
  • bench depth
  • personalized projection adjustments
  • positional tier
  • strength of schedule

Check out this video for more on what we put into our Draft War Room – and what you can get out of it.

One Auction Tool: 3 Ways To Draft

In-Season Tools

This trinity of powerful but simple tools will allow you to hit those title-winning in-season moves.

Team Guide

Your Team Intel page displays your entire roster and uses our exclusive 3D Projection system to recommend starters for your specific format.

3D Projections combine our player projections for the week, consensus projections from more than 35 other fantasy football sites, and our “ceiling” and “floor” estimates for that player that week.

Those 3D projections power our automatic start/sit recommendations on the Team Intel page.

You’ll also quickly see who has a potential injury problem for the week.

See Team Guide In Action

Free Agent Finder

You’ll find a fresh Free Agent Focus on every week, with recommendations sent to your inbox even earlier (Sunday night) if you’re on our email list.

But those articles can’t possibly know your specific league. Fortunately, the Free Agent Finder does.

That sync you used to create your Draft War Room sticks with you all season.

The Free Agent Finder uses that connection to see who’s available in your league, compare those players with your current roster, and give you custom recommendations.

But what if you’re trying to look ahead for a bye-week filler or a streaming defense? No problem. You can simply sort by next week’s projections and get a jump on your league mates. 

Looking even longer term? Just sort by our Rest of Season projections instead. And we’ve even got modified versions of both options.

See Free Agent Finder In Action

Trade Navigator

Sometimes you need more than the waiver wire can provide. You need to work a trade with another team in your league. And the Trade Navigator is designed to streamline your process and maximize your return.

There are two parts:

First, the Trade Partner Finder lets you select the position you need to fill. Then it scans your league in seconds to find the best trade partner.

Once you’ve found the ideal trade partner, it’s time for the Trade Analyzer. Pull up the other team’s roster from a dropdown list or by searching for a specific player you want.

Select the players you want to include on each side, and the Trade Analyzer will tell you what you’d be gaining or losing in the deal – both by that week’s projections and our Rest of Season projections.

See Trade Navigator In Action

Making that league-winning move just got a whole lot easier.  Become a DS Insider today >

Dominate your Fantasy League with
the Ultimate Tool Stack
In the heat of a draft, you want as much intel as possible. The key is integrating that into one simple, powerful tool.
Dominate your Fantasy League with
the Ultimate Tool Stack
In the heat of a draft, you want as much intel as possible. The key is integrating that into one simple, powerful tool.
3D Projections

3D Projections

3D Projections: True Dimension of Every Player’s Potential

Based on our award-winning projections, an axis of data points give insights far deeper than a ranking

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Advice Draft Strategy

Advice That’s Actionable on Draft Day

Round-by-Round Draft Strategy Guides, Sleepers, Undervalued Players, Busts and Handcuffs

3D Projections

Draft War Room

Draft War Room: Intel Turned Into Killer Picks

Command your entire draft with a dynamic tool synced to your league. Updating and adapting in real time.

3D Projections

Keep Dominating Throughout The Season

Quickly find the free-agent gems, pull the trigger on the perfect trade & make the right start/sit decisions.

Keep Dominating
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