DFS Showdown Lineup Picks: Ravens-Saints

All those offensive injuries have stunk for the Baltimore Ravens and New Orleans Saints. But they sure do make tonight's showdown options more interesting.

I don't recall seeing so many 3-digit salaries top the board in any previous week, with several more viable options low in 4-digit range. That space usually gets filled by players with minimal roles, simply bumped up in value by the fact that they have any projection.

Monday Night Football this week, however, presents some players who will actually need to play key roles. Baltimore has to go without WR Rashod Bateman, TE Mark Andrews and RB Gus Edwards. New Orleans won't have WR Michael Thomas (anymore this season) or RB Mark Ingram. WR Jarvis Landry might be out again.

So who does that leave us relying on? Let's check the value charts ...