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Podcast: DS Dynasty Invitational 6-10-20

By Matt Schauf and Jared Smola 11:06pm EDT 6/10/20
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We just finished the DS Invitational superflex dynasty startup draft on MyFFPC.com. On today's show, we talk to all the owners we could corral to learn strategies, in-draft adjustments, reactions to the format and the picks and even how some plan to operate going forward. We hit on a lot of players, every position, some differences between dynasty and redraft and even some waiver strategy. It's a longer pod than you're used to from us, but you'll also find a wide range of perspectives.

Here's the rundown:

Jared and Matt jump in ... 2:20

Tim Olson on his bevy of trades ... 20:47

Team SBFFC second-guesses a QB move ... 30:27

JC Roderiques misses RB but tries to make up for it ... 41:36

Adam Krautwurst gets his guy early. Then what? ... 59:29

Brian McFadden chases Kyler Murray ... 1:11:48

Jake Valeich scoops up early picks ... 1:23:16

Phil Hager waits for his TEs ... 1:36:48

Check out our updated dynasty rankings, as well as rookie draft rankings for offense and IDP.

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