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Doug Baldwin Injury History & Updates

Basic StatsDoug Baldwin's Basic Stats

Doug Baldwin
Bye: 1
Experience: 12
Age: 36.3
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
40 Time: 4.53
Speed Score: 86.10
SPARQx (Rank): 94.50 (22%)
Burst Score (Rank): 124.40 (67%)
Agility Score (Rank): 10.82 (92%)
Catch Radius (Rank): 9.91 (34%)

Injury PredictorDoug Baldwin's Injury Guide

Chance of Injury in 2024


% chance misses at least 2 quarters

Chance of Injury per Game


1- 17√1-% Inj/Season

Projected Games Missed 2024



Ability to produce despire relatively minor injuries. 5 being most durable

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Injury History

Date League Injury Details
Oct 18, 2012 NFL Pedal Ankle (high) Sprain Grade 3 Baldwin suffered a high left ankle sprain on a Thursday night against the 49ers and missed the following game.
Nov 13, 2011 NFL Head Cranial Concussion Grade 1 Baldwin sustained a concussion in the 1st half against the Ravens. He was ready by the next game.
Sep 20, 2012 NFL Shoulder Baldwin suffered an unspecified shoulder injury in a Thursday practice and missed that week's game. He returned the following Sunday.
Jan 19, 2014 NFL Inguinal Hip Strain Baldwin sustained a hip pointer in the NFC title game but was ready for the Super Bowl 2 weeks later.
Aug 10, 2012 NFL Thigh Hamstring Strain Grade 2 Baldwin missed all 4 preseason games with a nagging hamstring injury that required a procedure to drain fluid at one point.
Jul 23, 2018 NFL Knee Strain Grade 1 Baldwin arrived to training camp with an undisclosed left knee injury.
Sep 9, 2018 NFL Knee MCL Sprain Grade 2 Baldwin suffered a right knee injury in the opener, reported as both a MCL sprain and Grade 2 partial MCL tear. He missed 2 games.
Dec 2, 2018 NFL Inguinal Hip Pull Baldwin missed 1 game with an unspecified hip injury.

Basic StatsDoug Baldwin's Preseason Player Analysis

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