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Best Fantasy Football Apps

By Lenny Pappano | Updated on Fri, 22 Mar 2024 . 3:21 PM EDT


Draft Sharks

Score: 95/100

live draft sync
reliable technology
great user experience

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Honorable Mention:



Score: 93/100

feature-rich league setup
adaptable scoring
simple interface

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Honorable Mention:


Underdog Fantasy

Score: 92/100

great best ball drafts
user friendly
stable platform

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Honorable Mention:

What is the Best Fantasy Football App?

In today's fast-paced digital world, the thrill of fantasy football can depend a lot on uncovering the best fantasy football app to help your team win. Or maybe you’re just looking for a place to host your league, or compete in cash games. No matter which aspect you’re researching, we’ve got you covered. We've scoured the digital landscape to review the best apps, each promising to elevate your fantasy football experience.

Best Tools & Strategy App

Top Choice:

Draft Sharks

Score: 95/100

If you're on the hunt for a fantasy football app that helps you win, look no further than Draft Sharks. This app will really put you at a competitive advantage: It perfectly mirrors their premium content, strategy, and tools in an intuitively designed, user-friendly interface. What sets Draft Sharks apart is their relentless innovation – especially their live-sync draft tool.


  • Offers unlimited live-draft sync that connects all your leagues to their commissioning services in real time
  • Draft War Room provides a dynamic cheat sheet using multiple algorithms for a cohesive draft strategy
  • Simple design makes you want to use it
  • Superior draft tool with reliable technology for an excellent user experience
  • Complimentary app access with a premium site membership (Premium membership offers a wealth of valuable tools)
  • Exceptional customer service, even assisting with draft-related questions


  • You have to pay for premium tools
  • They only cover fantasy football
  • Some articles can be hard to read on app
  • The extensive amount of features and data might be overwhelming


Final Words

It’s worth noting that their live sync is powered by their Draft War Room (DWR), which weighs 17 draft-value indicators before offering a player pick. These indicators include average draft position (ADP) rankings, player projections, position scarcity, team needs, and injury risk, among others. Essentially, their app transforms your drafting experience, providing you with a significant advantage in executing a customized draft strategy.

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Honorable Mention: Footballguys

The Footballguys Dominator app, widely recognized in the fantasy football community, is a solid choice – but with some notable downsides. On the positive side, the app’s ability to adapt to unique settings and league rules really impressed us. It allows the user to effectively use mock drafts and team management. Its depth of data, analysis, and updated information contributes to its popularity – especially among its long-term users.


  • Tailored cheatsheets and expert analysis
  • Support for complex league settings
  • Extensive data and knowledge base
  • Quality customer support
  • Valuable subscription content


  • No live draft sync
  • Some reliability issues
  • Amount of info can be overwhelming


Final Words

On the downside, the technology can be buggy at times, particularly during drafts. That includes syncing issues, and overall app stability at busy draft times. It’s also worth noting that the Draft Dominator IS not a live sync draft tool. We still think it’s a solid choice, particularly for the price point.

Download the Footballguys App Now



Best League & Hosting Draft App

Top Choice:


Score: 93/100

For league hosting and drafting, we rate Sleeper as the top fantasy football app. They have all the features and customizable scoring you’ll need — even in their app. We’ve drafted and played on a lot of platforms.


  • Feature-rich with a simple interface
  • Allows hosting of your league for free
  • Visually appealing, even on mobile, with an easy setup process
  • Offers complete customization with most scoring and roster options
  • Covers all fantasy sports, March Madness, Pick ‘ems, etc.


  • A few features take some learning
  • Limited payment methods
  • Could use a compressed view for users with more than one league


Final Words

Even though Sleeper doesn’t have the same brand recognition as Yahoo or ESPN, we’re more impressed with their functionality. Everything is right where you’d expect it – making drafting and league management a simple task.

Get Your League Running on Sleeper



Honorable Mention: Yahoo

The Yahoo fantasy football app is largely familiar to us. Like millions of other players, we've done our fair share of drafting on it. On the positive side, the Yahoo app offers a range of features such as in-depth league history, record books, weekly scoring projections, and the ability to evaluate potential trades. Setting up a league and inviting other owners on Yahoo is very easy, and it offers more league-management options than ESPN.


  • Familiar experience
  • Can accommodate nearly any scoring
  • Keeps league history
  • Setup is super easy


  • Players can be dropped at any time
  • Scoring glitches
  • Not great at catching fraud in your league


Final Words

On the downside, the app allows bench players to be dropped anytime, even post-game, which is kinda crazy. Additionally, some folks have criticized its handling of player eligibility and messaging. Users report scoring glitches and insufficient responses to potential league fraud and unfair practices.

Download the Yahoo App Now



Best Fantasy Gaming App

Top Choice:

Underdog Fantasy

Score: 92/100

The Underdog Fantasy Football app is a first-rate choice for fantasy football enthusiasts. We love its diverse offerings, but mostly their season-long best ball. The best ball format, which eliminates the hassle of managing lineups, trades, and waivers, has always given us a streamlined and user-friendly experience. The app's custom rankings and easy access to information make it a favorite for us based on its simplicity and navigability.


  • Great interface for drafting on an app
  • App and site a super intuitive
  • Top best ball leagues/tournaments in the industry
  • Solid customer service
  • They just do everything well


  • The app can have occasional non-drafting issues
  • The gaming aspect can be a turnoff
  • Limited matchup options and contest types


Final Words

The app's mobile experience is top-notch, and frequently updated to ensure a seamless experience. Users will also appreciate the world-class customer service, noting quick and helpful responses. A noteworthy advantage is the app's straightforward withdrawal process, which is both free and unlimited. The one drawback we can note is it’s also a platform for promoting their gaming products. We’re not fans of the entire online gaming movement. 

Download the Underdog Fantasy App Now



Honorable Mention: FFPC

We’re kind of addicted to playing in the FFPC, even on their app. They have varying price points (from $35 to $5,000) and their scoring format with two FLEX players and a premium TE spot, makes it super interesting. They offer a variety of league types — from season-long dynasty to redraft best ball. To top it off, they have the best customer service in the fantasy football gaming space.


  • They give away a $1 million grand prize to the Main Event champion
  • A unique scoring system with TE-premium scoring and 2 flex spots
  • Gives a great personal touch to their customer service
  • Leagues fill quickly, some as fast as a few hours
  • App offers a solid drafting experience


  • High-stakes leagues can be highly competitive
  • App stability can be an issue while drafting
  • Technology is OK, but only OK


Final Words

On the downside, the technology can be buggy at times, particularly during drafts. That includes syncing issues, and overall app stability at busy draft times. It’s also worth noting that the Draft Dominator IS not a live sync draft tool. We still think it’s a solid choice, particularly for the price point.

Download the FFPC App Now



Conclusion: The Best Fantasy Football App is Draft Sharks

In the realm of fantasy football, the Draft Sharks app emerges as a titan. It flawlessly marries strategy and technology to revolutionize your play. With its remarkable 95/100 score in the Best Fantasy Football Tools & Strategy category, Draft Sharks stands out as the quintessential choice for both novices and veterans.

Fantasy Football Strategy Meets Technology

Top-Ranked Performance

Draft Sharks dominates with a 95/100 score in the Best Fantasy Football Tools & Strategy category, making it a clear choice.

Live Draft Sync Excellence

Experience seamless real-time sync with all your leagues, courtesy of their unmatched live draft technology.

Innovative Draft War Room

Armed with 17 draft value indicators, the Draft War Room offers unparalleled strategic depth. It makes a suggested pick in every round, in real time.

User-Friendly Interface

Dive into a fantasy football experience that's as intuitive as it is powerful, designed for your effortless navigation.

Premium Content Access

Get more than just an app; enjoy full access to premium site content with your app membership.

Here’s What You Get With The Draft Sharks App:

Fantasy Football Live Draft Sync

Their draft software live-syncs to your league -- in real time. That makes tracking your draft super easy. And updates your player rankings at each pick. Technology that gives you a huge advantage.

Draft War Room: Fantasy Football Draft Helper App

A powerful dynamic draft tool, which utilizes 17 value indicators to guide your selections. As you draft, their software continuously re-ranks players in real time based on these value indicators. So you’ll have the most current and accurate assessment of player value in every round.

Draft War Room Supports Multiple Formats

Different formats require different draft strategies. The Draft Sharks live draft sync and Draft War room adapt to the multiple formats… That includes: 

  • Dynasty Draft App
  • Keeper Draft App
  • Best Ball Draft App
  • Superflex Draft App
  • Auction Draft App

3D Projections

A systematic approach to creating projection…It centers around 3 essential data points: our award-winning projections, combined with consensus projections from 38 other sources, plus an analysis of the highest and lowest potential outcomes (ceiling/floor projections) for each player.

Fantasy Trade Values

An innovative cross-positional algorithm generates a "Dynamic Most Valuable Player" rating for each player. This scientific, universal number allows you to easily compare the trade values of players across different positions, simplifying your decision-making process.

Mock Draft App

Engage with Draft Sharks sophisticated mock drafting software. Quickly practice drafting and gain a realistic experience for various formats. This tool allows you to sharpen your drafting skills efficiently, preparing you for different drafting scenarios.

Who Should I Start App

Make informed decisions between two similarly ranked players using their detailed comparison tool. It weighs factors like the likelihood of injury, matchup favorability, strength of schedule, and more … providing a granular analysis to help you choose the best player for your lineup each week.

3D Team Guide

Enhance your in-season management with a systematic approach tailored to your team. Get the latest news, injury updates, and rest-of-season projections, along with consensus projections. All customized to align with your players and your league's scoring system, ensuring you have the most relevant and useful information in one simple interface.

Waiver Wire App

Experience the industry's most advanced waiver wire tool. Once it's synced with your leagues, it immediately scans for available players across all your leagues, suggesting the best free agent pickups. This tool efficiently performs hours of analysis in just seconds, streamlining your decision-making process.

Trade Calculator App

Trying to determine if a trade is fair can be a real struggle. Their Dynasty Trade Calculator is a big help. It delivers a comprehensive analysis of any trade's current value and future prospects. Not just that, it's also a great tool for identifying potential trade partners in your league.

Redraft Trade Navigator

Looking for the ideal trade partner in your league? The Redraft Trade Navigator is your go-to tool. It evaluates other teams, pinpointing who has what you need… and whose needs match your excess positions. Then, it proposes an optimal trade offer, simplifying your trade decisions.

FAQs About Fantasy Football Apps

What’s the #1 fantasy football app?

The #1 fantasy football app to help people win at fantasy football is Draft Sharks. Their live draft sync pairs with a powerful AI tool, their Draft War Room, to give users a customized player pick in every round.

What is the most popular fantasy football app?

The  most popular fantasy football app is ESPN, which hosts leagues for millions of players. But for winning your league, Draft Sharks is the choice for serious fantasy players. They bundle a live draft sync with their Draft War Room – a powerful combination on draft day.

What fantasy football app will help me win?

A fantasy football app that will help you win is Draft Sharks. Their live draft sync is a monster tool for fantasy players who are all about winning. It gives you recommended and tailored player picks at every round. 

What is the best fantasy football draft helper?

The best fantasy football draft helper comes in the form of a live draft sync from Draft Sharks. It makes player suggestions in real time, based on your league’s rules and the dynamics of your draft. Check out this review of 2024's best fantasy football sites for more.

Other rankings are stale  before the 2nd round.

Draft using the best dynamic tool in the industry. Our fantasy player valuations (3D Values) change during your draft in response to...

  1. Exact league settings - direct sync
  2. Opponent and Team Needs
  3. Positional scarcity & available players
  4. Ceiling, injury risk, ADP, and more!

You need a dynamic cheat sheet that easily live-syncs with your draft board and adapts throughout your draft using 17 crucial indicators.

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