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Fantasy Football Mock Draft Simulator (Updated 2023)

By Matt Schauf | Updated on Fri, 17 May 2024 . 5:13 PM EDT

Best Fantasy Football Mock Draft Simulator

The Draft Sharks fantasy football mock draft simulator is the best tool on the market to prepare for your upcoming drafts. 

Sharpen Your Strategy for the Real Thing

Question for you …

Do the Kansas City Chiefs start the season without holding any practices?

Does a band skip rehearsal and go straight to the concert?

Of course not.

There’s no way the Chiefs or Taylor Swift would be ready for peak performance without working at their craft. Without taking reps. Without practice.

And your fantasy drafting is no different.


Practice Your Fantasy Football Mock Draft

There’s a lot to think about as you draft.

  • Who have you already drafted?
  • Who have your opponents already drafted?
  • What’s left at each position?
  • How does positional value stack up?
  • What does ADP say?
  • Oh! And when are those bye weeks?!?

Even if you’re working with the best fantasy football draft tools and the best draft strategy, you still have a decision to make at every turn.

Your goal before you get to the actual draft: Make those decisions as easy as possible.

And that’s where our fantasy football mock draft simulator comes in …

More Reps Make You a Stronger Drafter

The Mock Draft Trainer helps you hone your strategy before draft day.

(You will have a strategy … right?)

You might think that simply having that strategy will be enough. Maybe it worked for you last year. Or maybe you think you fixed what didn’t work.

But every season is different.

NFL players have changed teams. Player ADPs have changed. And other drafters are adjusting for what happened last year.

If you wait to see how your strategy worked, then you’ll be too late. 

You’ll miss opportunities to draft even better. You’ll find yourself battling the clock and making rushed decisions.

Work Out Your Strategy Ahead of Time

Think your draft strategy is ready to go? Try it out in our fantasy football mock draft simulator.

Answer questions for yourself such as:

  • What’s the best combo of players to open my draft?
  • How do I like building a roster that starts with Travis Kelce in Round 1?
  • When does RB start getting ugly?

If you don’t practice with a fantasy mock draft, then you’re not answering questions like these until draft day.

Don’t have your strategy set? That’s even better.

Head into your fantasy football mock draft with no bias and you can explore all the possibilities.

How Does the Mock Draft Trainer Work?

Our fantasy football mock draft simulator doesn’t simply assign players to teams in the order of the Draft Sharks rankings. That wouldn’t help you at all.

Instead, you get a unique fantasy mock draft every time.

It starts with a customizable setup, fit to your specific league.

Mock Draft Anytime for FREE

Not a Draft Sharks member? You can choose among a series of preset scoring formats for your fantasy football mock draft.

And once you’ve started, you can customize your mock draft further via the Edit League Settings button in your draft room to change scoring or roster specifications.

Match YOUR League Settings

The best mock draft experience awaits Draft Sharks Insiders.

As a member, you can run the mock draft simulator anytime for any of your synced fantasy football teams.

What does that mean?

When you sync your team, Draft Sharks automatically pulls in the exact scoring and lineup settings from your league commissioner site.

So when you kick off your mock draft, the simulator will customize the experience to fit your settings. You can even include keepers in your mock draft, if your league uses them.

Getting Started is Easy

Once you’re ready to go, you can hit “Start the Draft” at the top of your mock draft simulator. Or if you have the first pick, simply make your selection to begin.

You’ll see players ranked by DMVP values. In short, that’s our system for weighing player values across positions and specific to format.

Learn more about how DMVP will help you

But there’s more than DMVP driving those picks.

Your fantasy football mock draft simulator comes equipped with an algorithm that changes up the strategies and selections of your opponents every time you draft.

So you’ll never get the same mock draft experience from one draft to the next.

What you will get is smart player recommendations every time you’re on the clock. 

What makes them smart? The 17 value indicators that your Draft War Room is calculating at all times.

And if you want to change a pick or even start the whole thing over at any point – you can do it.

  • Hit “Undo My Last Pick” to redo your selection
  • Navigate to the Draft Grid to change any pick in the draft
  • Or click “Restart Mock Draft” to do the whole thing again

And there’s much more you can take advantage of …

Enjoy These Features in Your Mock Draft

Use your fantasy football mock draft to explore the Draft War Room, the industry’s most powerful draft fantasy football cheat sheet.

These are just some of the available features …

Consensus Projections

You’ll see Draft Sharks projections for every player, customized to your specific scoring settings. But you’ll also see a consensus projection from 38 other fantasy sites.

Why? So you can see not only how we value that player, but also how the market values him.

Ceiling and Floor Projections

We’ve won multiple awards for the accuracy of our baseline player projections. But every player’s season includes a range of possible outcomes.

That’s why we add “ceiling” projections, to show how high a player can climb if everything breaks his way.

And if things break the other way? Well, that’s what the “floor” projection represents.

You’ll also see a “ceiling likelihood” for every player. That projects how likely that player is to maximize his upside.

Upside Mode

This key Draft War Room feature kicks in halfway through your fantasy football mock draft. It adds weight to those ceiling projections and ceiling likelihood to highlight those players with true breakout potential.

Why? Because those are the picks that win you championships.

You can also toggle Upside Mode off and on at any point throughout your draft.

Player Tiers

Rankings are great, but they don’t tell the whole story. Two players ranked consecutively could be nearly equal in value and fantasy outlook. Or they could sit on opposite sides of a value gap.

Player tiers work with the rankings in your mock draft simulator to better illustrate gaps in value by position. So you’ll know when it’s time to grab that next WR … and when you can afford to wait.

Strength of Schedule

This is an approximation of how difficult that player’s schedule will be for guys at his position. 

Should you let this aspect drive your mock draft picks? No. But it’s just one more small edge that the Draft War Room gives you.

Injury Risk

Here’s one you’re definitely not getting anywhere else. 

Our Injury Predictor database pulls from the largest collection of player injury histories you’ll find anywhere. It then applies a proprietary algorithm to project how likely each player is to miss time in the coming season.

Your mock draft simulator will signal who is most and least likely to go down. Yet another small edge to exploit as you draft.

Why Wait Any Longer?

We could dig even further into the details of this unmatched fantasy football mock draft simulator.

But frankly, your time would be better spent drafting.

If you want to see the Mock Draft Trainer in action before you start, check out this video.

If you’re ready to start practicing your way to draft perfection, get in right here.

Other rankings are stale  before the 2nd round.

Draft using the best dynamic tool in the industry. Our fantasy player valuations (3D Values) change during your draft in response to...

  1. Exact league settings - direct sync
  2. Opponent and Team Needs
  3. Positional scarcity & available players
  4. Ceiling, injury risk, ADP, and more!

You need a dynamic cheat sheet that easily live-syncs with your draft board and adapts throughout your draft using 17 crucial indicators.

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