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Best Dynasty Fantasy Football Tools

By Matt Schauf | Updated on Thu, 16 May 2024 . 4:27 PM EDT

Powerful Dynasty Tools That Simply Work

What do Bill Belichick, Andy Reid, Sean Payton, and Sean McVay all have in common? 

An undying hunger for BBQ. These great coaches strongly rely on advanced data analytics to get an edge in the modern NFL.

Now it's your turn to get an edge and start your dynasty with these fantastic tools:   


Draft War Room 

Meet your dynamic cheat sheet for dynasty startup and rookie drafts

This dynamic draft tool or fantasy football cheat sheet understands your league … and your team’s needs. It automatically assesses player values as you draft – in real time. 

And it delivers high-value pick recommendations at every turn.

Start by adding a team. You’ll sync directly to your league, importing roster and scoring settings. The Draft War Room will factor in all of that info and customize the rankings to make our projections fit your specific needs.

Are you in a dynasty startup draft and looking to win now? Turn on “win now” mode to more heavily weight projections for the coming season. 

Time for your rookie draft? The Draft War Room is ready.

Want to know more about the power of your Draft War Room? This video goes in-depth to explain it all.

Learn about the advantage of your Dynasty Draft War Room


Next-Level Dynasty Rankings

Award-winning projections produce 3-year, 5-year, and 10-year outlooks for every player

You can find dynasty rankings anywhere. But, really – what are you looking at?! 

Most likely, it’s the result of some dude moving younger players up and older players down. Just sticking each guy where it “feels” right.

Forget feelings. This isn’t therapy. This is fantasy football. 

Don’t you want something a little more scientific? More accurate?

We’ve put hundreds of hours of machine learning into the formula that powers these next-level dynasty rankings. 

The process starts with our season projections, which have won multiple accuracy awards over the years.

Then come the player's aging curves, specific to each position and player archetype. 

They drive the algorithm that generates 3-year, 5-year, and 10-year fantasy outlooks for every player – all tailored to your league’s specific settings.

Dynasty Rankings

Get a better view of that player’s future

So if you’re interested in an aging player for just the coming season, you’ll know you can move him up the rankings.

In fact, you don’t need to move him. You can simply sort by any of those time spans right on the dynasty rankings page. Even by projections just for the coming season.

Doesn’t that sound like a better way to get your dynasty rankings?

Get access to those rankings>


Dynasty Trade Calculator and Analyzer

Find the perfect trade partner. Make that title-winning trade.

You probably enjoy making fantasy trades. Who doesn’t? Especially in a dynasty league.

But it’s not an easy process.

First, you have to go through the entire league’s rosters to see …

  • who has what
  • who needs what
  • and where you might be able to make a move

Then you have to build the package … and wonder how much you’re actually helping yourself.

It's exhausting. AND risky. 

What if there was a tool that could do all this work for you?

Welcome to the two-pronged trade assistant

First, the Trade Partner Finder scans your entire league to find teams that have what you need … and need what you want to sell.

Then the Trade Analyzer evaluates both sides of your offer. You’ll know exactly how much value you’d be adding to your roster before you even hit send – both in the short and long term.

Want to learn more about how the Trade Navigator works?


Free Agent Finder

You can find waiver-wire gems. Even in dynasty.

You need to keep the long term in mind for your dynasty teams. But you’re also trying to win games every week.

(Unless you’re tanking for an earlier draft pick. But the primary goal of our dynasty strategy is to “Never Rebuild,” right?)

You want to find those lineup sleepers. And you want to get on the non-rostered players before their fantasy breakouts.

Free Agent Finder

Free Agent Finder crawls all your leagues

You could spend HOURS every week searching for the best waiver-wire options.

Or let us do the work.

The same league sync that powers your Draft War Room drives the Free Agent Finder. It can tell who’s available or rostered in every one of your leagues.

So whether you’re looking for a flex fill-in, or you want to quickly search ALL your leagues for that backup RB who’s suddenly a starter. The Free Agent Finder is ready to help.

Grab those key waiver-wire gems before your competition even knows where to find them.

See the Free Agent Finder at work


Team Intel

Get the best starter recommendations for YOUR format

Everyone on the internet gives start-sit advice these days.

But how many of them consider your specific league format? How many of them have won multiple awards for their deadly accurate fantasy football projections?

Draft Sharks checks both boxes. And your Team Intel page puts those weekly projections to work.

Dynasty Team Analyzer

Customized lineup picks to win your matchup

Your Team Intel page combines our weekly player projections with your league settings to give custom projections for every player on your roster.

Stars next to those players will show you who belongs in your lineup for the week – including flex positions – and who should stay on the bench. 

Mock Draft Trainer

This high-powered tool gives you the experience of a real draft in minutes

You’ve built your Draft War Room. You’ve read all the strategy articles. But are you ready for the draft?

Well, practice makes perfect. So why not take a few practice runs at it?

You can access the Mock Draft Trainer from the same page that holds your Draft War Room. All settings that power your Draft War Room go into this mock tool. But you don’t need to find 11 other people to make picks.

Dynasty Mock Draft

Get an authentic draft experience every time

The Mock Draft Trainer changes the conditions of each draft by applying:

  • Your specific settings
  • ADP specific to your format
  • An exclusive algorithm that alters drafter performance each time

Take as many practice runs as you want before the real thing. Come draft day – you’ll be ready for any scenario. And your league mates will be wondering what hit ’em.

Dynasty startup draft? Rookie draft? The Mock Draft Trainer is ready for both. And it can even account for players already rostered in your keeper league.


Get all the tools and help you need in one package

Dominate your dynasty league. Starting now.

Ready to put advanced dynasty analytics to work for you?

Ready to beat up your opponents?

We’re ready to help. And glad to have you.

Become a DS Insider Today>

Matt Schauf Author Image
Matt Schauf, Editor
Matt has earned two Fantasy Pros accuracy awards for IDP rankings and won thousands of dollars as a player across best ball, dynasty, and high-stakes fantasy formats. He has been creating fantasy football content for more than 20 years, with work featured by Sporting News, Rotoworld, Athlon, Sirius XM, and others. He's been with Draft Sharks since 2011.
Other rankings are stale  before the 2nd round.

Draft using the best dynamic tool in the industry. Our fantasy player valuations (3D Values) change during your draft in response to...

  1. Exact league settings - direct sync
  2. Opponent and Team Needs
  3. Positional scarcity & available players
  4. Ceiling, injury risk, ADP, and more!

You need a dynamic cheat sheet that easily live-syncs with your draft board and adapts throughout your draft using 17 crucial indicators.

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