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Draft Sharks Sync - Troubleshooting

By Jared Smola | Updated on Mon, 01 Apr 2024 . 2:35 PM EDT

It works live throughout your draft … delivering player picks in real time

Our draft sync was designed to provide you with a league-winning edge.

That’s true whether you’re on a computer, mobile device, or tablet.

With a few clicks, you’ll have your league’s scoring rules and settings loaded into your Draft War Room setup page.

Come draft time, players will be automatically removed from your Draft War Room – round after round, in real time.

From start to finish, you’ll get custom recommendations based on your league’s setup, your team needs, ADP and a host of other draft value indicators. 


For a full breakdown of the sync, watch our five-minute tutorial

Next, we’ll hit key differences between sync on desktop/laptop vs. tablets/mobile devices. 

Desktop Syncing   |   Mobile Syncing  |   Troubleshooting   |   Offline DWR (coming in 2024)

Sync on Desktop/Laptop

On computers, sync works through a browser extension.

Here are the browsers we support.  Plus the links to download the newest extension:

If synced properly, you’ll see a sidebar populate on your league host site’s draft room.

The sidebar is essentially a streamlined version of the Draft War Room.

Now for the super important stuff:

  1. If you see an error on the sidebar, follow the prompt to resolve.
  2. Not seeing the sidebar at all? That means either:
    (1) You don’t have the latest browser extension, or
    (2) You’re on a page other than the main draft room of your league’s hosting site, such as a waiting room.

When you’re ready to draft:

  • You can open the Draft War Room in a separate tab for full features and functionality. Just make sure you use the same browser for your league host site and Draft Sharks, or
  • You can draft using only the side bar


Sync on Tablets and Smartphones 

Let’s start with what’s required for the sync to perform optimally:

  • Android: Android 7.0 and up
  • iPhone: iOS 14.0 or later
  • iPad: iPadOS 14.0 or later

This part is important, too:

When syncing on tablets and smartphones, you’ll always use the app only – not a browser. That’s because the extension is already built into the app.

To ensure you have the latest version of our app, visit the App Store or Google Play Store from your device.


ESPN and Limitation

ESPN and sync scoring and rosters from mobile devices. However, due to restrictions on their end, mobile live draft sync isn’t available on those two platforms. 

ESPN and are available for live draft sync on desktop/laptop.

Next, let’s review some helpful troubleshooting tips.


Draft Sync Troubleshooting

This 5-minute video tutorial will help solve almost all sync-related issues.

Draft Sharks Sync Tutorial

These tips should also be kept in mind to help the sync run smoothly. That means you should check out the tutorial video, even if you don’t have issues.  

League Renewal

In order for the sync to work, your league must be renewed for the current season. You might need to contact your league’s commissioner to confirm. 


Update Browser Extension 

Here are the links to know:

Updates will be made to the browser extension as we test and add features.

If you run into problems, simply make sure your extension is up to date.


Sync Once

Make sure that one (and only one) sync connection has been established per league. Otherwise, the connection might yield incorrect results.

On the app, you can delete a team by going to My Leagues.

Just swipe left – and click the trash can icon – on the team(s) you’d like to remove. 

On computers, head to My Leagues and click the trash can icon.


Use the Same Browser

Open Draft Sharks and your league host site in different tabs within the same browser. If you use two different browsers, data from your draft won’t reach your Draft War Room.


Remove Content Blocker

Remove or disable any content/pop-up blockers you’re running. If not, they could be interfering with the sync.  


Extra Step on Safari

For Safari, you must authorize our extension to access your commissioning service.

To allow access, right-click on our extension icon at the top of the browser -> Manage Extension -> Edit Websites.

From there, click the appropriate drop-downs. 


Yahoo Fix

Unlike other sites, Yahoo "links" to your Draft Sharks account with a unique "key." Here are the steps to repair a Yahoo connection issue:

  1. "Unlink" your Yahoo account from the bottom of your My Account page
  2. Restart the sync process by deleting the old team and adding a new team.
  3. Relink your Yahoo account.


Offline Draft War Room

Here’s an exciting new feature for 2024:

You can draft using the Draft War Room even if you lose internet access. So you never have to worry about getting knocked offline. 

Just make sure you’ve loaded the Draft War Room for that league within the last week, and you’ll be set to draft offline, if necessary.


If you’ve reviewed the info above and still need assistance, please reach out.

Click under SubjectLeague Sync and ensure all fields are filled out in detail.

Jared Smola Author Image
Jared Smola, Lead Analyst
Jared has been with Draft Sharks since 2007. He’s now Lead Analyst, heading up the preseason and weekly projections that fuel your Draft War Room and My Team tools. He currently ranks 1st among 133 analysts in draft rankings accuracy.
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