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2017 Auction Strategy Guide

By Matt Schauf 8:08am EDT 8/2/17

If you've never done a fantasy football auction, then you’re missing out.

Whether in person (which I’ve actually never done) or online, auction drafting is really the ultimate way to start your season. (As I said last year.)

Rather than be tied down by a draft spot, you have every single player available. Wanna build your team around 2 first-round picks? Do it. Wanna skip the top-shelf price tags and buy all of Round 3 instead? Go for it.

You can literally get whomever you want. But that means you need to go in with a plan.

Learn from My Mistakes

There are many different ways to approach your auction, but I figured I’d start out with a consistent shortcoming of mine: I’m often too conservative with my spending – especially early.

Now, I’ll never be the guy throwing $70 at this year’s RB sensation. But more than once I’ve been wiggling my finger over the laptop as the clock ran out, wondering if I really wanted to throw in that extra dollar or 2 on a given player. Fast forward a couple of hours, and I’m sitting there staring at the last $10 in my bank, needing just 2 more players and realizing I could have had that upside WR I wanted.

Make sure you go in with a basic spending plan, but you should also know where you’re willing to break from it. Fantasy football drafts never go completely according to plan. But that’s way you plan for contingencies.

The Basics

In case you haven’t done an auction before, here are the basics:

  • League owners take turns nominating players to be purchased.
  • Anyone interested bids on the player until the bidding stops.
  • High bid wins the player and loses that amount of money from the owner's preset bank.
  • Repeat until all rosters are full.
  • After 3 hours, shrug and remind your spouse that draft season only comes once a year.

The Setup

Let’s use a common 20-player roster and $200 bank for the example here. Obviously, you can adjust the outline to fit different roster requirements and available banks.

You can use your MVP Board to help guide you through an auction just as you would any other draft, but the setup gets a bit trickier.

For 20 players, with 1 QB starter, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, a flex, a kicker and a team D, we recommend this breakdown on your Setup page:

2 QBs
5 RBs
6 WRs
2 TEs
1 Flex
1 K
1 D/ST
2 bench

That will probably leave the top player values short of what those guys will actually go for, but the dollar values line up better as you move down the board. At the very least, they start to paint the picture of value separation. Feel free to tweak these settings to get to an alignment you like better. And if your league starts 2 WRs, then just even out that position with the RBs.

The main point here is to set up the value levels, which will be key.

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