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Get a Sneaky Start on Improving Your Dynasty Roster

By Shane Hallam | Updated on Fri, 22 Dec 2023 . 5:34 PM EST

Is Your Season Done? Time to Win the Offseason.

You’ve missed your dynasty playoffs. 

Maybe you expected it or even were going for a higher draft pick. Perhaps you were on the border and just narrowly missed a shot at the title.

No matter the situation, start planning now and strategize the direction of your fantasy team. You want to maximize the value of your assets now.

Assess the Direction of Your Roster

Assessing your roster is the backbone of being a great dynasty league player. Take a long look at the players and picks you hold. 

Ask yourself: Which assets are likely to rise in value this offseason? Which will fall?

That will dictate your offseason direction.

Dynasty managers make the mistake of thinking a team must be “rebuilding” or “competing” – with nothing in between. Most advice to dynasty owners is to place your approach in one of two categories: Rebuild or Contender. That type of rigid thinking, though, could hinder your success both in the short and long term.

A rebuild can include older players who can still grow in value. And contending teams can still have additional picks or younger developmental players.

Make Moves Based on the Assessment

If you have an aging WR in danger of losing playing time, consider trading that player now – even if you’re competing. 

One of the key components to DS Dynasty Strategy No. 3 (Be Bold on the Trade Market) is this: Don’t be afraid to sell a year early.

Sometimes you’ll miss out on another productive year or two from that wideout. Other times, you’ll feel like a genius for moving on from that wideout just before he reached the cliff. As long as you’re getting a decent-to-good return, there’s more upside than risk to making the move.

Another Way to Sell Early

Maybe you have a younger RB who’s respected by fantasy players but doesn’t have a pathway to meaningful playing time. Or perhaps he has flashed enough to get people excited about his future – beyond what they should be expecting.

You can try to move that guy while the value is high, and potentially buy low on other RBs with paths to actually scoring fantasy points – even if you are rebuilding.

Philly’s Kenneth Gainwell continued to have hype in the dynasty community last offseason despite consistently playing behind others. If you traded him before this season, you’re probably happier than the manager currently holding him.

Recognize where you want your team to go, but always target gaining assets that will improve in value and move those who will lose value. 

Add Value to the Bottom of Your Roster

Depending on the size of your league, churning the bottom of your roster can provide future trade value.

There’s no single way to do this. Some only target young lottery-ticket players who need insane luck to be relevant. You can stash a few of those types, but also watch for players who could see more immediate value boosts.

Look at upcoming free agents. When free agent mania takes hold, you get a sell window on some players who were trending down in value just a couple months earlier.

You can take advantage of the buzz and move those players for value-appreciating rookie picks (even a year down the road).

Prep your rookie draft plan NOW

Start looking at the upcoming rookie class as soon as possible. 


Our Way Too Early Rookie Rankings will get you started.

Figure out what positions are potential strengths and which are potential weaknesses. If you earned the 1.03 rookie pick, figure out your possibilities now. This can help in shaping your roster and determining what positions to trade or sign ahead of the draft.

For example, the 2024 rookie class lacks an elite RB but has a ton of high-end WRs. So you could target a late first or early second-round pick in a trade if you will need a young RB.

If a player like Braelon Allen lands in a good situation in Round 3 of the NFL Draft, you might have ended up with a future RB1 at a discounted price.

If a class has good depth, consider moving down from your first-round rookie pick to the early second and picking up an additional first the following year. 

If a class has a few elite players, target moving up now before your league mates figure it out.

Take Advantage of Trading as Soon as Possible

Trading is essential to building a great dynasty team. Active traders win leagues. Everything in this article is built to trade your way to a better roster.

Our dynasty tools will help you find trade partners and build team-enhancing trade packages. 

Be the first to jump into trading when it opens and offer assets you expect to depreciate. Target picks and players appreciating in value, even if they don’t exactly fit your team’s current direction.

Take advantage of league mates who are locked into a firm direction and unwilling to be as flexible as you.

Don’t get hung up on chasing deals that give you a clear “win.” That will limit your opportunities and likely make you a difficult manager to trade with.

Let other people chase social media accolades while you trade for pieces that will actually help you win.

Ultimately, building a dynasty team takes patience and small victories to keep improving your roster. Don’t fall into the trap of a full teardown rebuild. A steady compiling of appreciating values will keep you relevant year after year.


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