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Introducing the Draft Sharks Invitational

By Adam Krautwurst 11:07am EDT 7/20/20

Who’s the best fantasy football player in the world?

What if a player wins the FFPC Main Event with a $1,900 entry fee? Does that make him or her the best? Not necessarily. If Player A had 50+ entries and came in first, does that make him or her a better fantasy player than Player B, who had 3 entries and came in 2nd place? Or does that just mean Player A had more money to spend, increasing his or her odds?

What about the age old argument of fantasy analyst vs. high stakes fantasy player? Years ago, I think the answer was easily on the side of the analysts. But with so much good free data out there and fantasy players really thinking for themselves, the gap has disappeared and maybe the “Joes” have taken the lead. The FFPC Pros vs Joes competition has been dominated the last 2 seasons by the “Joes,” who have won 8 of 12 leagues.

So we’re on a quest to find the best fantasy player in the world. We’ve put together an invite-only single entry tournament filled with the who’s who of the fantasy football world -- both analysts and high-stakes players.

That includes Chad Schroeder, Nelson Sousa, Ron Meyer and Kimra Schleicher. Three of the top 5 FFPC Main Event finishers from 2019, including the Champ Mike Porreca, the 2019 FFPC Football Guys Champ Abib Agbetoba and the FFPC Playoff Challenge Champ Austin Martin are all competing.

You want industry Titans? We have those, too! Draft Sharks’ Lenny Pappano, Jared Smola, Matt Schauf and Kevin English. Establish the Run’s Evan Silva, FF Hustle’s Dwain McFarland, Football Guys’ Sigmund Bloom, Rich Hribar of Sharp Football, Fantasy Footballers’ Jason Moore, Tod Burros of the Run to Daylight podcast and many more.

60 of the best of the best, divided into the following five 12-team leagues:

League 1

Draft: August 3 at 8 pm ET

  1. Matt Thomson
  2. John Daigle
  3. Graham Barfield
  4. Jared Smola
  5. Austin Martin
  6. Tod Burros
  7. Mike Oliva
  8. Ian Hartitz
  9. Curtis Patrick
  10. Mark Garcia
  11. Jay Reid and Scott Connor
  12. Evan Silva

League 2

Draft: August 4 at 8 pm ET

  1. Pat Thorman
  2. Adam Krautwurst
  3. Rich Hribar
  4. Peter Overzet
  5. Noah Ruddell
  6. Dan Williamson
  7. Mike Schopp
  8. Patrick Daugherty
  9. Mitch Carl
  10. Mike Tagliere
  11. Jake Ciely
  12. Connor Allen

League 3

Draft: August 5 at 8 pm ET

  1. Mike Porreca
  2. Jason Moore
  3. Greg Kanter
  4. Hayden Winks
  5. Matt Schauf
  6. Bob Harris
  7. Justin Boone
  8. Jules McLean
  9. Chad Schroeder
  10. Mike Beers
  11. Dwain McFarland
  12. Sean Koerner

League 4

Draft: August 6 at 9 pm ET

  1. Kimra Schleicher
  2. T.J. Hernandez
  3. Lenny Pappano
  4. Eliot Crist
  5. Michael Fabiano
  6. Abib Agbetoba
  7. Danny Kelly
  8. Brian Harwood
  9. Geoffrey Stein
  10. Ben Gretch
  11. Alex Kaganovsky
  12. Ian Allen

League 5

Draft: August 7 at 9 pm ET

  1. Ryan McDowell
  2. J.J. Zachariason
  3. Sigmund Bloom
  4. Jack Miller
  5. John Paulsen
  6. Nick Bakay
  7. Mike Randle
  8. Ron Meyer
  9. Darren Armani
  10. Nelson Sousa
  11. Kevin English
  12. Andrew Geller

There’s a $250 prize for all 5 league winners, with the overall champ taking home a cool $2,000.

The format? A superflex, TE-premium best ball with no Ks or DSTs.

The drafts will run the week of August 3-7 and will be hosted on Draft Sharks will be live-streaming every draft so that you can tune in to the madness. More details to come!

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