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Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer

By Matt Schauf | Updated on Fri, 17 May 2024 . 4:42 PM EDT

Find Your Ideal Trade Partner. Make That Title-Winning Trade.

No matter how well you draft, you’re bound to need a little roster help during the season.

Maybe that comes via the waiver wire. And we’ve got a killer waiver wire assistant to guide you there.

But sometimes you just need that one piece to turn your good roster into a championship winner.

Of course, before you can acquire that piece … you need to find it.

That aspect alone can make fantasy football trades a real chore. Until now.

Want a Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer That Does So Much More?

If all you’re looking for is a simple fantasy football trade analyzer or trade calculator that will judge your trade afterward, then our Trade Navigator might be too much for you.

You can find simple tools like that pretty much anywhere.

But you know who else has access to free, simple tools? Everyone. Yep, including your competitors.

That’s why you should be looking for something more. And that’s exactly what the Trade Navigator is.

This fantasy football trade analyzer is easy to use … but incredibly powerful.


Part 1: Find Your Optimal Trade Partner

The Trade Navigator is actually 2 tools in one. The first is the Trade Partner Finder.

It does exactly what you’d expect. Just select the position that you’re trying to acquire …

OR the position you’re looking to trade away …

OR both!

Hit the button, and the Trade Partner Finder scans your entire league for the best fits.

No more wasting hours scanning EVERY roster manually, trying to find the best fits – and then forgetting exactly which team had the player you wanted.

You get the answer delivered to you.

The trade analyzer will rank the best fits for your specifications.

So you’ll see exactly who has what you want and needs what you have.

From there, building the trade is easy.

Part 2: Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer

You might think you know what this second tool does. But it’s not your average trade analyzer for fantasy football. And it’s more than a simple trade calculator.

Once you’ve selected the players you wish to include on both sides of the deal, the trade calculator will measure the value. But it’s not just tallying up player value on each side.

The trade analyzer will measure the trade’s impact for each team in the coming week AND for the rest of the season, based on actual fantasy football projections.

So you can see EXACTLY how much you’d get out of this move.

Trading is a key aspect of your in-season strategy

Even More Detailed Analysis

Once you’ve settled on the right trade pieces, hit the button to See Detailed Trade Analysis.

There you’ll see not only our measure of the trade’s impact on both teams, but also a consensus measure. That draws on info from more than 30 other fantasy football sites.

The fantasy football trade analyzer will also measure the strength of your starters, both before and after the trade.

So you’ll have full confidence in that deal before you even extend the offer.

Looking for help with Dynasty Trades?

Our fantasy football trade analyzer will give you all the same help in finding trade partners and analyzing your moves for your dynasty leagues as well.

In fact, it’ll do even more!

On top of all the projections and analysis mentioned above, you’ll see projected impacts on your dynasty team for the next … 

  • 3 years
  • 5 years


You can get an easy, in-depth look at player and draft-pick values in our FREE Trade Value Charts.

Want to See the Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer in Action?

Check out this short video for a preview:

Trade Navigator

Ready to get trading?

Then click here to join>

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Matt Schauf, Editor
Matt has earned two Fantasy Pros accuracy awards for IDP rankings and won thousands of dollars as a player across best ball, dynasty, and high-stakes fantasy formats. He has been creating fantasy football content for more than 20 years, with work featured by Sporting News, Rotoworld, Athlon, Sirius XM, and others. He's been with Draft Sharks since 2011.
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