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Best Fantasy Football Punishments 2023

By Kevin English | Updated on Wed, 10 Jan 2024 . 6:06 PM EST

The Best Fantasy Football Punishments ... or the Worst?

It all depends on your perspective.

You might seek out a new league (or new friends) if you're on the wrong side of a fantasy punishment.

If you’re on the right side, well, you still might reconsider your membership.

After all, some of these fantasy punishments are brutal. Even the thought of enduring one could have you looking to get out.

But hey, what are friends for?

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Fantasy Football Punishment Ideas: The Starter Pack

Let's say your league's in Year 1, so you decide to take things slow.

Consider implementing one of these fantasy football punishments …

Turn a Loss Into a Gain

Before the season, vote on a charity you want to receive a donation. The loser must follow through and gift an agreed-upon amount.

Here's a list of charities with football roots, either directly or indirectly:

  • Ertz Family Foundation
  • Justin J Watt Foundation
  • Michael Ann & Saquon Barkley Hope Foundation
  • Why Not You Foundation (Russell Wilson)
  • 15 and the Mahomies Foundation
  • Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (Jalen Hurts)
  • Eighty-Seven & Running (Travis Kelce)
  • Faith Fight Finish Foundation (Dak Prescott)
  • Christian McCaffrey Foundation
  • American Red Cross (James Conner)
  • Chasing M's Foundation (Damar Hamlin)
  • Fantasy Cares (industry veteran Scott Fish)

New Team Name

Have your league nominate a few “alternative” team names. Put it to a vote, and assign the winner … to the loser. Take it a step further by printing the name on a t-shirt for your live draft.

No Choice of Draft Spot

If your league has a method for picking draft spots, the last-place team goes straight to the back of the line.

FAAB Disappearance

Dock a certain percentage of the loser's waiver-wire budget. Nothing crazy -- maybe 5%.

Catered by …

If your league meets up for the draft, have the last-place team pay for food/drinks.

Relaxing Round

The league champ gets a round of golf caddied by the loser. Just think twice before taking their reads on the green.

Double Duty

Do you use an old school fantasy draft board? Have the loser be in charge of sticking player names to the board from start to finish.

Fantasy Football Punishment Ideas: Funny/ Embarrassing

We asked for ideas on Twitter. The results are just as you'd expect:

Public Shaming

Loser has to wear this shirt at a crowded sports bar during halftime of a playoff game

One of the best fantasy football punishments might just be a pink, 'I suck at fantasy football' t-shirt.

-- @patsplzwin

No-Win Combine

Loser has to run a combine in an outfit picked out by the champ. Instead of an aptitude test, the loser has to take the love languages personality test. All scores are recorded and compared to previous losers.

-- @_infiniteorigin

Loneliness … is a Cold Fry

Last place had to go eat at a fancy restaurant (dressed up) alone after telling the waiting staff he was waiting for a date for at least 30 mins past time he was seated. Once he finally ordered he could only get French fries and had to eat them with a fork.

-- @dbro_10

Here are more fantasy football punishments that'll test friendships:

Back-to-Back Loser

If one manager finishes last in consecutive seasons, remove them from the league.

Knowing this ahead of time should promote an active league all year.

If the loser wants back in, require a college-style essay on why. (Single spaced, of course.)

Have them post the essay for the league to read, and put it to a yes-no vote for reinstatement.

Drafting alone can be tough

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Lowlights on a Loop

This one requires some video editing skills … but bear with me.

Chances are, your league’s loser drafted a first- or second-round bust.

Think Jonathan Taylor this past season. Or Saquon Barkley in 2021.

Well, remind them of their misstep by creating a video of said player’s lowlights. (Drops, goal-line stuffs, fumbles. You get the gist.) Then, force them to watch it on a loop for an agreed-upon amount of time.

Wild Ride

Does your last-place finisher hate theme parks? Heights? Perfect! Combine the two for a ride they’ll never forget. 

What better way to punish someone for taking two early-round QBs and claiming one as “trade bait.”

Karaoke Night

Force the loser to sing any song agreed upon by the league. Just make sure this is an actual fantasy football punishment for the “recipient” and not a regular Friday night. 

Standup Act

This one ties in with the last. Just pick your local comedy club and make your league’s loser perform (survive?) for 10 minutes.

Even better if he/she follows a real crowd-pleaser.

Barbershop Stop

The loser receives an absurd haircut, the style of which is voted on by the league. Extra laughs if someone from the league documents the occasion live.

Is the last-place finisher follically challenged? Consider gifting them an absurd wig for your next night out. 

Frozen for a Good Cause

Here’s one for those in cold climates. Consider taking the Polar Plunge to benefit the Special Olympics.

Karma points for league mates who join in.

Don’t Draft Scared

At bottom, the best fantasy football punishments are simply ones you observe – not experience for yourself.

Take a few minutes and learn about the gameplan to get atop your league standings:

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