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Here’s the Best Ball Playbook You Need to Win in 2024

By Jared Smola | Updated on Fri, 22 Mar 2024 . 1:59 PM EDT

Best ball has all the fun of drafting without the work of managing your team in-season. 

Make sure you are prepared to crush your drafts by checking out these strategies, advice, tools and rankings. 

Best Ball Strategy | Best Ball Advice | Best Ball Tools | Best Ball Rankings

Draft Sharks 5 Strategic Best Ball Pillars 

Using traditional redraft strategies in best ball is a losing formula.  Here’s what you need to win instead …

1. Match Your Draft Strategy To The Specific Format

Winning a best ball league is very different from taking down a best ball tournament. Your plan needs to align with the format.

2. Weekly Scoring Volatility Can Make or Break Your Draft

Volatile scorers can boost your best ball upside. But reaching for them can bust your season.

3. Stack Your Players, Stack Your Cash
Player Stacks Create Exponential Scoring Upside

Combining players from the same NFL team will spike your weekly and season-long upside.

4. Draft Like You’re Right

Don’t hedge your bets when building a tournament roster. Take bigger risks. Go with guys you love. 

5. One-of-a-Kind Teams Win Big

You won’t win big bucks in mega-tournaments drafting like everyone else.  Build a “one-in-thousands” team to create a path to the top.

Unique Features to Build Your League-Winning Roster

Trying to make sense of dozens of conflicting opinions? We give you one cohesive winning approach. 

3D Projections: True Dimension of Every Player's Potential

You’ll get deadly accurate projections from proven winners -- plus floor, ceiling and consensus projections.

Advice that’s Actionable on Draft Day

High-Level Draft Strategies, Sleepers, Breakout Players, Busts, Handcuff & Late-Round Flyers.

Draft Sharks Injury Predictor

Avoid the early-round landmines that can destroy your season. Get the scientific predictions NFL teams use.

Powerful Tools That Simply Work

Draft War Room

Live syncs your draft in real time.  The only draft tool that monitors 17 crucial in-draft indicators … and adapts to show you which players to pick throughout your draft.

17 Indicators: League scoring, positional value, real-time team needs, opponents team needs, changing positional scarcity, player upside, bust risk, injury risk, breakout likelihood, correlated ADP, bye conflicts, consensus rankings, flex options, bench depth, personalized projection adjustments, positional tier, and strength of schedule

Mock Draft Trainer

Mock drafting on a popular platform won’t prepare you for every scenario. Get more realistic, different scenarios every time.  Plus see all of the 17 in-draft indicators in practice while mock drafting in minutes.

Plus get player and strategy tips after each pick. Your real draft will take so many twists and turns. Put what you’ve learned into practice. Sharpen your draft plan in just a few minutes by matching wits against our proprietary draft software.

Best Ball Rankings

Most of your competitors are just drafting from the ADP rankings. Get different ... with rankings you can trust.

You know that drafting in best ball isn't the same as drafting in other formats. Our best ball rankings -- new for 2024 -- know that as well. And the come from the industry's most accurate fantasy football experts.

Check out those best ball rankings

Other rankings are stale  before the 2nd round.

Draft using the best dynamic tool in the industry. Our fantasy player valuations (3D Values) change during your draft in response to...

  1. Exact league settings - direct sync
  2. Opponent and Team Needs
  3. Positional scarcity & available players
  4. Ceiling, injury risk, ADP, and more!

You need a dynamic cheat sheet that easily live-syncs with your draft board and adapts throughout your draft using 17 crucial indicators.

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